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  1. And that is why mass immigration, which is almost entirely non-white, is the death-knell of the nation. They are r-strategists moving in for easy pickings, and the GAE is broke, the Army is breaking, and the dirt ain’t magic.

    Mass immigration is war and conquest by other means.

  2. What makes up people of color? Are Asians, Hispanics, American Indian, lumped into that category? And what makes you think that they all vote blue when it’s been showing a trend away from that?

    • If you read the small text at the bottom you will see that breaking down by ethnic subgroups didn’t make a difference.

      As long as the trend doesn’t cross the 50% threshold it still counts as on the same side.

      • Part of that comes from grouping a very heterogeneous collection of people into one artificial category. “Hispanic” is the most notorious example — there isn’t a whole lot of commonality, politically speaking, between Cuban refugees and some other “hispanic” people. Not to mention the ongoing debate whether immigrants from Spain should be counted as “hispanic” or “white”.
        The same goes for “Asian” which seems to refer to anyone from India to Japan and everywhere in between, even though culturally, linguistically, and ethnically that spans a far larger range than “European” or even “white”.

  3. I want to know where he got his data, and how he mapped it.

    It all *seems* reasonable, but without data that we can review it’s not terribly useful.


  4. I want to echo what Kurt said. We see far too much of this in right-wing publications. It is called Too Good to Check. The Left, of course, is worse but being in our own bubble is a source of weakness.

  5. And herein lays the problem with “democracy”. The whole red/blue sides are being rubbed back and forth for the feelz of the whole thing.
    The truth is that the blues are mostly broke down into small city enclaves with high population densities. And control absolutely nothing worth a f–k. Any wonder they want to live in a democracy?
    Just like DC sitting squat on the rest of us. And as long as we believe we have a democracy; we will have tyrants manufacturing votes for themselves.
    We live in a republic if we can keep it. And the inch of democracy that was allowed in, has become our ruler. Anyone else see a pattern here?
    The chart is very telling of our forefathers/founder’s wisdom though. As it proves well-founded why they only gave the vote to white males.
    And then to truly open a can of worms. Black males before women. Try getting a blow-job after that conversation with your wife!

  6. I’d like to see some additional maps – Jews and Non-Jewish Whites. There probably aren’t enough Jews to change the “Whites Only” map, and I suspect the Jews’ map would look the same as the POC map.
    As Norman Podhoretz once said – Jews live like Episcopalians but vote like Puerto Ricans.
    Of course these days Episcopalians also vote like Puerto Ricans.

    • IIRC, Jews in the US amount to ~4.5%. I’m assuming that number was slightly higher prior to the illegal influx, as they don’t seem to dabble in doing it in an illegal fashion.

      • Also, they mostly are anti-gun for civilians, even the ones from Israel. Granted, it’s been +25 years since I’ve dealt with any of them, so that may have changed, but probably not.

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