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While some people legitimately do need a gun for self-defense, nobody ever “needs” a drink. Alcohol is a worse liberty tradeoff in that sense, because the only utility is having fun and feeling good. To put it in the gun control terms: “By continuing to oppose banning alcohol, you are OK with over 100,000 people dying so you can enjoy your occasional beer, you evil monster!”

None of this is to say I want us to take another run at prohibition. Of course not. Rather, it is to demonstrate that everyone implicitly understands and accepts liberty tradeoffs. But on guns, they pretend not to. And alcohol isn’t even a constitutional right, yet we have given it de-facto protection anyway. I see alcohol advertising everywhere in a way that would be unthinkable for guns.

Many more people die because we can easily buy a drink than because we can (usually not as easily) buy a rifle.

Kostas Moros @MorosKostas
Tweeted on October 26, 2023

I have two hypotheses for why this occurs:

  • Gun grabbers are interested in control of the general population. They are not interested in saving lives.
  • Gun grabbers drink alcohol and know lots of people that do. A ban on, or strict regulation of, alcohol would adversely affect their recreational use and social life. They don’t own guns and believe most of their friends would not be adversely affected by a gun ban either.

Of course both things could be true.

I suspect that should you try to point out this inconsistency to a gun grabber the response would be similar to what once happened to me. I was confronting a hired gun banner working to pass the Washington State initiative to ban “assault weapons”.

I tried to make an analogy with the banning of recreational drugs. Their response was, “We are talking about guns, not drugs.” I attempted to continue saying the analogy was instructive. Their response was, “We are done talking about this.” They then refused to have any sort of conversation with me. They just repeatedly said, “We are done talking.” I concluded they knew they were on shaky ground and didn’t want more exposure of their weak position to the people around us.


4 thoughts on “Liberty Tradeoffs

  1. God gave us free will, but that does not mean all choices are good ones.
    TPTB are interested in two things: pushing us to have maximum opportunity to make bad, self-destructive choices, and trying to get and hold a monopoly on force. In neither case do they have our best interests at heart, and the outcomes/goals are pretty much indistinguishable from what they’d be if they were all (or at least mostly) actively Satan-worshiping pedos.

    For example, last I checked it was a Rabbi who ran Porn Hub; it’s unlikely he’s thinking “what best for the people of this formerly Christian nation?”

  2. “We are done talking.” Now, if they would only stick to it? Truly, how are you going to have an honest conversation with someone that doesn’t understand, or hates the words/refuses to understand their reasoning of; “Shall not be infringed”? Pretty simple logic train.
    God bless you for trying, Joe.
    Yuri’s demoralized moron comes to mind. Empirical prove will not change their thinking, or the lack thereof.
    So, I prefer my older brother’s version, “You got the talking part done.” Nobody liked what happened next.
    And it’s not a trade. Trading is just a simple way of looking at it. Guns, drugs, cars, cannot be decoupled from human action. The bad of which we already have copious laws against.
    “Trading”, implies that you would get a desired result for giving up the object.
    And we know without doubt that has NEVER been the case with disarmament.
    If your in that situation again say this; You want gun control? So, you to kill me? That’s what happens to disarmed people. So, your saying you want to kill me and my family.
    You got the talking part done, why don’t you try it right now, Toughy? The look on their face will be instructive. And a precious memory.

  3. It isn’t about banning guns. It is about banning the kinds of people who own guns.
    Banning smoking wasn’t about banning smoking, it was about banning the kinds of people who smoke. That is why you see so much hatred towards vaping in public.

  4. ANY time the subject of “gun control” comes up the ONLY word that one must think of is the one word that matters to those pushing for it. CONTROL! Because that is the only reason that matters to the gun grabbers. They don’t give a red rats ass about safety, crime, dead bodies or anything else. ALL they care about is the only thing they care about. CONTROL!

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