It is About Control

I had to read several paragraphs in this article before I was fully convinced this wasn’t some sort of satire:

President Biden’s alcohol czar says Americans may be told by officials to have no more than two beers a week.

Director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) George Koob told the Daily Mail on Thursday that the U.S. may follow Canada’s footsteps on alcohol guidelines.

Currently, American guidelines recommend men limit themselves to two drinks per day while women should only have one drink. The American recommendations are up for review in 2025.

Canada’s guidelines recommend only having two drinks per week.

Koob, who said he partakes of a couple of glasses of “buttery Californian Chardonnay” a week, said he was watching the Canadian “big experiment” with interest.

The feds have an “alcohol czar”? This is crazy stuff. They want to control everything! When will I wake up from this dystopian nightmare?


8 thoughts on “It is About Control

  1. Joe, there is a way to wake up from this miasmatic nightmare, it’s just that most people really don’t want to ‘go there’ as kinetics can get messy

  2. Well, if the Progressives really are all about safety, perhaps this is sort of near the right track. (Not that I believe for a moment that there is truly an honest desire on their part to help us be “healthier”.) Drunk drivers kill far more people every year than all firearm related deaths combined. However, we know how effective Prohibition was (Actually very effective at increasing the wealth of properly connected people and the Mafia, but I digress) and no amount of new gun related laws will fair any better. In Sweden, a country with which I have some familiarity, the drunk driving laws are pretty strict and, believe it or not, they actually enforce their laws. In Sweden, you are DUI at .02 g/dl BAC (4 times less than Washington) and considered Grossly DUI at .1 g/dl BAC. Standard DUI gets you 6 months in jail and Gross DUI gets you 2 years. In 2021, Sweden had a total of 192 traffic fatalities, including any alcohol related ones (country population approx. 10.1 million). Washington on the other hand had approximately 375 alcohol related traffic fatalities (State population approx. 7.15 million). In 2022 in the United States, 14,219 traffic fatalities were alcohol related.

    So, why does our government need an alcohol Czar? Because our Progressive/Socialist government’s playbook is focused on creating as much confusion as possible and then enacting laws that will obviously be ignored. This is not about health and safety. This is, as Joe stated, about control. Growth of laws and the “inherent” need to enforce them is the root of government growth and hence overreach. In 2004 there were over 4,000 federal felony laws. The ABA stated then that “the body of federal criminal law is so large . . . that there is no conveniently accessible, complete list of federal crimes”. Not included in this are the myriad of state laws we are also subject to. This is really about paving the way for when they have the inclination to initiate heavy handed control, that nearly everyone can be found guilty of some infraction and the selective enforcement can begin.

  3. Power and control over others. It’s every bit as addictive to some people as cocaine, nicotine, opiates and other substances both illicit and legal. Many people
    do NOT want to be in charge of anything or anyone. And countless others lust for such power and are willing to do literally ANYTHING to obtain it. The sad ugly reality is that with very rare exception the fact that someone WANTS to be elected to public office is and should always be an automatic disqualifier.

  4. That’s funny, coming from the crowd that legalized drugs. Wants kids to take puberty blockers and mutilate themselves. And never been around a big pharma exec they didn’t want to go down on.
    Between this and ceiling fan regulations. They must be trying to cover for the mass-murder in Hawaii? It’s got to be cover for something.
    Throwing shit in the news cycle fan to bury, what?
    I mean what is more distracting than telling a redneck he can only have two beers? And more importantly is how is the czar going to enforce or measure success?
    What next, a five year plan?
    What we do know for certain is that the communists have never been in a better position. Being able to blame everything on the senile and mentally challenged, i.e. Biden/Harris. And generally run amuck with total media control.
    Expect more, much, much, more to come.

  5. “The feds have an “alcohol czar”?”

    Carrie Nation afficionados notwithstanding, usually the consequences – the legal ones, at least, but there are others – extend not from the amount one drinks, but from one’s behavior afterward. This marks a signicant departure from that premise and seeks to regulate, or at least influence, the predicate act.

    I figure we’re about a year away from the feds having a “sex czar” because sex leads to children and some of those children will be raised to be independent thinkers, some will be non-participants in the Government School Industrial Complex, both public anathema to large, pervasive government.

  6. I’ve pretty much given up on alcohol just because the hit on my running performance. At the same time, you do you. Limiting your alcohol intake is absolutely the healthy choice and recommendations are there for people that don’t want to do the research themselves.

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