Three Big Lies

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J6: Republicans stage insurrections without weapons. Their plan was to trespass in one building until they conquered the country.

George Floyd: Sometimes police officers casually and intentionally murder people in front of witnesses who are filming it.

The Big Guy: Didn’t know.

Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays
Xeeted on August 8, 2023

It is interesting how the framing of the facts changes things so much.


6 thoughts on “Three Big Lies

  1. One thing nice about the communists is that they make it easy to gauge where we are on the societal collapse scale through their lies.
    The more ignorant the lie, the closer to their utopia we get. Use to be one had to kind of think through a lie before it got used. Not any more!
    ‘Immigrants don’t have to get vaccinated because their not planning on staying here.” Said Jenn Psaki, white house spokesperson. (On national TV with a straight face even!)
    Notice I said their utopia?
    And thanks to Mr. Adams for his fine examples also.
    Were getting close.

  2. RE: J6 – It bugs me how little attention the treatment of the J6 “rioters” is getting. They’ve been jailed in (reportedly) atrocious conditions for two-and-a-half years without a trial or even formal charges, not allowed bail, not allowed attorneys, not allowed family visits, not allowed adequate medical care — and held on legally-questionable grounds.

    The Democrats do not care about these people; they see them as the enemy.

    The Republicans, though…. Half the GOP seems to think J6 was a violent insurrection and coup attempt (with no weapons? very little actual violence? and only minor damage to the buildings?), and the people being held are getting their just reward (i.e. that half of the GOP does not care). The other half gives lip service but isn’t following up on anything.

    And the government … well … the government is stonewalling investigations — including Congressional subpoenas — by either withholding information and evidence, or flooding investigators with SO MUCH INFORMATION (e.g. tens of thousands of hours of video) that any actual evidence is nearly impossible to find and could be withheld in the “shuffle”, which nobody is likely to notice. (If you’re reading an 8-page double-sided document, you notice if pages 3-4 are missing. But if you’re sifting through 20,000+ pages of documentation, will you really notice if pages 13,255-6 are missing?)

    Meanwhile, we have Americans being held as political prisoners by their own government, whose Constitutionally-protected rights have been violated for the past two-and-a-half years. If it can happen to them, it can happen to anyone. And nobody in power cares to even figure out what the hell actually happened that day.

    Does that bug anyone else as much as it bugs me?

  3. Oh good grief! I just got the joke. With the rebranding of Twitter to X, posting on X in “Xeet talking”.

    • Not gonna lie, it kinda makes me want to start my own short-format social media site. I’ll call it ‘Y’, and the URL will be

      Then we can spend all day “Yeeting”. 😀

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