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The second amendment is not sacred. It is failed policy.

In the over 200 years since it was added to the constitution, it has become obsolete and dangerous.

Every year you cling to it, tens of thousands of Americans die horrible deaths.

PeteGreenburg @petegreenburg
Xeeted on August 2, 2023

Assuming this is earnest and rational belief and not a deliberate lie or emotions is if they based the assertion upon only the criminal activity associated with firearms while ignoring the benefits. This is known as cherry picking the data.

In any case, the thing to take away from this even with SCOTUS unanimously agreeing in the Heller decision that the Second Amendment protects an individual right there are still people who insist no such right exists. Never let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take away your guns.


7 thoughts on “Cherry Picked Data

  1. “Every year you cling to it, tens of thousands of Americans die horrible deaths.”
    Too bad he can’t think about baby murder through abortion the same way?
    The real question seems to be one satan himself has imposed on us.
    How does one have anything approaching an “honest”, conversion with someone that far gone?
    And if that’s the opening position of the left? All one can say is; F–k-off, in the most serious manner you can imagine.
    I don’t know the origins of BFYTW. But Petey has certainly provided a wonderful place to use it.
    And Petey, if you don’t like people getting shot. Why are you even thinking about gun confiscation?

  2. (((Greenburg))) talking about policy and history.
    Of course it’s a lie.
    The patterns are plain to see.

  3. TENS of thousands? Hyperbole at its finest. Just don’t expect to EVER see any verifiable evidence of such claims. The whole objective here is not to convince any rational person, but to convince ignorant people who “THINK” they are knowledgeable/rational and cement in their minds these phony statistics so that they will always desire to remove your rights and act on that desire whenever possible. Mr. Greenburg does not want a constitutional republic but a democracy where a majority by one person more than the other side sets the law; and he, as well as others think they can get there. We are unbelievably fortunate that the founders of this Constitutional Republic understood the nature and primacy of natural law and established our nation’s founding documents in such a way as to protect our natural rights.

    If it really was about preserving life rather than aggregating power, then the same enthusiasm currently directed at gun control/prohibition, could easily and with certainty be directed at abortion, as mentioned above, or effectively addressing drunk driving where there verifiably are TENS of thousands of fatalities every year. But it really isn’t the saving of lives is it Mr. Greenburg? If it were, then existing laws would be enforced whenever anyone, regardless of who or what they are/were would be held fully accountable whenever they violated another person’s natural rights to life, liberty or pursuit of happiness. The problem is not that this is too simplistic a solution, but that it, if applied consistently, would work and that would NOT allow for the aggregation and assumption of power over others! Mr. Greenburg, you have been unmasked and should slink away in shame for the egregious evil that you wish to foist on your brothers and sisters in this land. There is no need to hear from you again without clear evidence of your true and penitent change of heart and thinking.

  4. Every time this moron opens his festering piehole to spew bullshit he needs to be smacked up side the head with a shovel and told to SHUT UP…. that his First Amendment Rights are OBSOLETE and he’s not allowed to speak anymore.

  5. The bill of rights was part of the constitution upon it’s initial ratification, and those ratifying it stated that they did so only because of it’s inclusion, which is why it was included.

    • That’s not quite accurate, but close enough. The Bill of Rights came soon after at the insistence of those who felt it was urgently needed. But they did ratify the Constitution without it in place — essentially with a promise in hand that it would be done, which surprisingly was actually delivered.
      Details in Pauline Maier’s wonderful book “Ratification”.

  6. The 2A is neither sacred nor failed policy. The right to bear arms (and to defend one’s self) would exist if there were no 2A as it is a God given/natural right. As the Founders were well aware, the pre-2A act by the British government to seize arms was the event that triggered the shooting phase of the War of Independence.

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