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    Now cue the ATF goon squad knocking on his door in 3…. 2…. 1….

    If they can classify a shoestring as a “machine gun” then this is a no-brainer

    • True, but every time they classify something as a “machine gun” that doesn’t meet the statutory definition passed by Congress, they weaken their credibility and reputation with the public and, more importantly, with the courts.

      Their habit of overstepping their bounds by expanding definitions they lack the authority to change, will (hopefully) cause the courts to throw out the tradition and precedent known as “Chevron deference” — where the courts give deference to regulating agencies as subject matter experts of their fields, instead of assuming a conflict of interest in letting those agencies write the rules they then will enforce.

  2. He’s going to get loved tenderly by the goons at ATF in the very near future.
    And anyone who downloads the specs to make one of these will get a visit.
    If anyone buys or sells these they too will be hearing from the Federales.

    Doesn’t matter if this device is in fact a trigger…just one that functions REALLY REALLY fast. They WILL crucify this guy and anyone remotely involved with this.

    • The BATFE already determined that FRTs — Forced Reset Triggers — are “machine guns”, despite not meeting the statutory definition passed by Congress. (The same overstep that got their “frames or receivers” Final Rule overturned.)

      But this is not a FRT. By definition, it’s a button safety. The fact it facilitates FRT-like operation doesn’t change that it’s a cross-bolt safety, any more than the fact your belt loop facilitates bump-stock-like operation makes it anything other than a belt loop.

      That doesn’t stop the BATFE from making another determination or writing another rule that this device is a “machine gun” despite not meeting the United States Code definition. But every time they do that they lose credibility — both with the public and with the courts — and challenges to “Chevron deference” get that much stronger.

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  4. Might be an ATF operative doing the video. That agency is getting pretty sneaky.
    Definitely use a VPN if you visit the site!

  5. It’s an autosear. He has a different way of doing it, but it’s an autosear nonetheless. It’ll never see the light of day.

    • It’s not. Not if the trigger has to reset between shots. (The fact they use the forward momentum of the bolt to force it to reset doesn’t change that it does need to reset before it can be pulled again.) Because each shot requires an individual pull of the trigger — regardless of how quickly those trigger pulls happen — the gun is still a semi-auto.

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