How Many Lies Per Sentence?

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Why are we tolerating the slaughter of innocent children at schools? For that matter why are we tolerating the mass murder of innocent Americans in stores, malls and the workplace. The common denominator in most shootings is an AR-15 assault-style rifle developed for the military, where soldiers need to be able to shoot a lot of bullets in a hurry to stop the assault of an enemy.

David Op’t Hof
David Op’t Hof: Only banning assault weapons will stop the slaughter

One has to wonder if this guy was trying to set some sort of record for the number of lies he could pack into a single sentence:

And secondarily, am I imagining it or are there some sort of visual characteristics such that you “just know” some people are anti-gun?


It seems there might be some sort of thing like “Gaydar” for anti-gun people.


4 thoughts on “How Many Lies Per Sentence?

  1. Now that I think of it, my antigundar is pretty good.

    It’s more notable by its failures: “He was happy, reasonable, seemingly informed… until the topic turned to guns, then it’s like he had a multiple personality disorder, or his head was going to spin 360 and start spewing pea soup.”

  2. Projecting their own cowardice seems to be another prevalent trait. He looks like he’s ready to do anything he’s told. And thinks you will to.
    They never think trying to take away AR15’s from people is going to increase the violence being preformed with them? For awhile anyway. Then a brief pause while we reload.

  3. The other common denominator was that they were all wearing socks. So what? The common denominator that matters is that they are all mentally ill and/or on some kind of pharmaceuticals….

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