My Proposed Regulation Change on Pistol Braces

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Stabilizing braces gave me the ability to get back out and shoot things that I never expected I would be able to again and my life changed drastically. Since then, I have been traveling across the country teaching veterans how to shoot again. That brace is the foundation of everything I do because I can take someone who has limited strength in their hands or is missing digits and give them confidence and the skills and capability to grasp a firearm again and get them back to the things that were such a part of their life.

Rick Cicero
Co-designer of the stabilizing brace
July 30, 2021

I have never had any interest in one of them and so had no real opinion on them other than the government has no business regulating them. That they are considered helpful to people with limited strength, etc. has shifted my view on the government regulation some.

I think governments should change the laws such that pistol braces can be paid for using your health savings accounts (pretax dollars). I understand this will be controversial. But I’m will to go with this a small first step on the path to the elimination of all taxes on all arms.


9 thoughts on “My Proposed Regulation Change on Pistol Braces

  1. 1) eliminate all sales tax on arms and accessories specific to arms. Yes, “arms” includes all bearable instruments, from knives to phasers.

    2) I’ll tolerate the tax on ammo since it is not general funds, but specific to supporting shooting ranges and conservation

    3) why not an “arms savings account”? If you’re shooting enough to be able to quantify it in your monthly budget, you should be able allocate a certain amount from your pay check into an ASA.

  2. Joe, while I’m in favor of less taxes and perhaps even eliminating them on firearms. There is one that I’d like you to address. I’m not sure of the facts but I believe that there is a sportsman’s tax that benefits wildlife. Could we make that optional at the time of purchase?

  3. That works for me.

    I’m a little annoyed with it as it stands. I go through a lot of ammo, which is never used for hunting or even practice for hunting.

    I think some of the tax is used for public range development, which eases my annoyance some.

  4. If government policy ever shifted to the point where something this reasonable (HSA for pistol braces or Tirno’s ASA idea) were able to be put in place, I would think the travesty of the income tax would have been abolished long before, negating the need for pre-tax spending accounts.

    • You may have a point.

      But why not work on it from many different angles all at once?

  5. So this is interesting. It argues for bringing up the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) as a legal argument to invalidate a brace ban. 🙂

    • Yes.

      I’m not the first one to think of that angle on gun hardware. I forget where I saw that. It was probably 15 or 20 years ago.

      • Come to think of it, not quite as directly tied to disabilities but there is the argument that defense using guns is particularly important to the physically handicapped. Oleg Volk has made this point quite clearly in a number of his RKBA photo images.

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