I Hope they Have the Right Guy

I’m not surprised. Idaho prosecutors are seeking the death penalty:

University of Idaho student murders suspect Bryan Kohberger is now fighting for his life.

Prosecutors had 60 days since Kohberger’s May 22 arraignment to inform the court and the defense that they planned to seek capital punishment.

They did so Monday in a court filing, alleging the 28-year-old “has exhibited a propensity to commit murder which will probably constitute a continuing threat to society.”

Almost for certain they have more evidence than is has been publicly released. And the defense hasn’t made their case yet. Hence, I am hesitant to be in support of conviction in this case. And if conviction is achieved I’m not sure I would support the death penalty because of the lingering doubt about them having the right guy.

I hope they do have the right guy. And if those doubts are crushed. Then, yes, this is an appropriate use of the death penalty.


2 thoughts on “I Hope they Have the Right Guy

  1. I’m against the death penalty in general.

    I’ll make an exception if I’m on the jury and see all of the evidence in a truly fair trial.

    And in that case, I’d be willing to administer the coup de grace myself.

    It shouldn’t be otherwise.


  2. In principal I support the death penalty. Because it IS a deterrent. It 100% always deters the person executed from ever committing another murder. The problem with Capital Punishment is the total corruption that permeates our legal system.
    There are simply far too many example of prosecutorial abuses…misconduct that rises well past the bar of being criminal actions…that have resulted in innocent people being convicted of crimes they did not commit. Once someone is executed that act can never be undone. Till we have a system that CANNOT be abused by the people running it then Capital punishment must be taken off the list of available options.

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