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Firearms “are an ever-present tool of terror.” We know that they’re used to intimidate. They’re used to coerce. They’re used to threaten people … and even when the gun isn’t being actively used or threatened, it is there and the victim knows it can be used or threatened, and so that leads to increased stress and increased terror over and above what is present in a relationship with domestic violence that doesn’t involve guns.

April Zeoli, Ph.D.
Associate professor and the policy core director for the Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention at the University of Michigan
June 6, 2023
“Mass killers practice at home”: How domestic violence and mass shootings are linked

And completely overlooked in the article is that firearms are an ever-present tool of self-defense and that possession is a specific enumerated right.


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    • Your mind is the ever present weapon.

      Everything you can put your hands on are the tools, if you’re of a tool using species.

      Advanced tool using species like to make better, specialized tools that are more efficient for specific purposes, and carry them around, every day. Otherwise, you have to keep going to where the tools are, which is decidedly sub-optimal, particularly in time critical situations.

  1. “Mass killers start at home.” Generally on some mind altering drug someone like you with PhD. gave them.
    Damn, did we miss the boat or what? Gett’in paid to write crap like that! What a scam.
    First, you and all your friends dumb down and mentally screw up every kid you can get your hands on. So bad that they no longer question even the most moronic of communist crap-think you can invent.
    Then charge everybody for it. No wonder they scream about vigilantism.
    And are so desperate to disarm us.
    Note the word “policy”, in all these numb-nuts little fiefdoms?
    We truly have traded 1 tyrant 3,000 mile away. For 3,000 tyrants one mile away!

  2. Wow! An interesting concept in the article, violent mass shootings are committed by people with a history of violence. Who would have thought? If we only had laws to prevent people with a history of violence from getting guns, we could prevent many mass shootings. Unfortunately it seems people who are comfortable with committing violence are also comfortable with violating laws designed to prevent them from getting guns. It’s almost like criminals are okay with committing crime.

    • Yes, he’s so close to discovering the real cause of violence. So close! He made the jump from A to B, but he just can’t make that jump from B to C. He’s sitting there with the two concepts right next to each other but he can’t make that jump in his mind.

  3. Oh the answers are so easy when you specifically and narrowly define the questions. And when you are well trained to avoid the presence of any conflicting information, it gets even better. Don’t ever ask how many women have died because “effective protection orders” were issued but the woman was denied the ability to procure or own a firearm. Don’t ask how many women have died because they were shamed or otherwise dissuaded from carrying a firearm. Don’t look at any of the multitudes of studies and statistics that conflict with your agenda or opinion.
    My father, who was also a PhD, commented to me once that people are learning more and more about less and less, and will soon know everything about nothing. Seems like Dr. Zeoli has reached that point. My father, who was a plant physiologist, also joked once when asked what kind of Dr. he was stated that he was the kind that didn’t do anybody any good. His comment was a joke, I think that Dr. Zeoli would be speaking truthfully should she make the same statement.

  4. Aw. The authoritarian idiot realized it was being deterred by the possibility of armed resistance, and whined about it.

  5. Drugs aren’t magic. I have been told by psychiatric specialists, that Drugs only treat the symptoms. Not the underlying mental illness. That seems sufficient for most types of “affective disorders” ( e.g. depression, mania, etc) however, if there is a “thought disorder” (usually diagnosed as “schizophrenia”), that can be “problematic”. To a patient, and their caretakers, the suppression of symptoms suggests a “cure”. Patients may discontinue medications and/or “self medicate with street drugs. Caretakers may become “careless”. Then you got real problems. The Progressives seem to believe in “tabula raca” (blank slate) in which every person will behave in a kindly, rational manner. Tain’t so ! Some people just ain’t wired right and will do horrendous things. Mr. Neely on the NYC subway is a case on point. Neely had a diagnosis of mental illness, was apparently self medicating with street drugs. He became threatening, (had been violent), had been abandoned by his family, and died after being restrained, apparently from the consequences of “agitated excitement”.

    Supervising those with a “thought disorder” is difficult at best. You never know. Ted Kazcinsky (Sp?) (the “Unabomber”) had interesting insights which led him to sending letter bombs and suicide. Adam Lanza was an “odd” child who murdered his Mother, stole her firearms, and eventually murdered 20 people at the Sandy Hook school. Adam’s “odd” behavior was probably the expression of a pervasive thought disorder. “Odd” is not criminal. Nor is living in an isolated cabin, like the Unabomber The world is full of “odd” people. Neely (NYC subway) had a track record of mental illness, drug abuse and violence. Most “crazies” don’t provide a warning before they act Fortunately, very few of those who are “mentally ill” are violent. Stopping the few who might be dangerous or violent is a challenging operation. Those who are a threat generally don’t “advertise”. You never know.

    • Some crazies provide no warning (or no clear warning without massive invasions of privacy), but many crazies provide plenty of warning – which the authorities ignore because doing something effective about them is politically incorrect. Neely was one of those; the NYPD and courts missed 40 opportunities to put him away. The Sandy Hook shooter was another.

  6. Another typical leftist moron who assumes that “FEELINGS” are far more important than reality. Should have her PhD revoked and be forbidden to set foot on a school campus ever again.

  7. So, if they are nothing but tools of terror and intimidation, why does he only want government officials / cops / enforcers to have them? Must be he’s planning on using coercive government force / terror / intimidation to coerce / control his opponents. Huh. Imagine that.

  8. The natural and enumerated right is to keep and BEAR arms. I regard restrictions of where one may carry as by far the most important attack on that right.

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