The Most Basic Gun Safety Law

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I’d like them to define “basic gun safety laws”.

Meanwhile, let’s note (again) that their rankings for gun laws does _not_ correlate with lower homicide rates … not even lower gun homicide rates.

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Tweeted on June 11, 2023


Nice graphic and explanation. But they are legally irrelevant. There is no gun law more basic than the Second Amendment.


One thought on “The Most Basic Gun Safety Law

  1. Fundamentals of law and facts empirically established will never trump a paycheck.
    When your trained and paid to lie. It’s what you do.
    And NEVER has there been a greater plague on humanity than disarmament. Anyone that would try to argue for it a criminal.
    When everytown does their ignorant little blue (good), red (bad), graph, Everyone knows their lying. Especially them.
    But as long as they don’t admit it. They still get a check from the millionaire midget club.(Bloomberg and Soro jr..)
    There is no good faith to be found in them. And they should be treated as such.

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