These People are Evil

People think this is moral and/or legal?

The state-level trial court sided with the union, finding that the Garmon precedent shielded the Teamsters from state tort liability for intentional destruction of property.

The Washington Court of Appeals reversed that opinion, finding that “the intentional destruction of property during a lawful work stoppage is not protected activity” under the NLRA.

But the Washington Supreme Court overturned that ruling, reinstating the trial court’s dismissal of the company’s lawsuit. It held that the union’s intentional destruction of company property was a “legitimate bargaining tactic” that trumps the state law’s interest in protecting property.

If the legal system in Washington state is that far gone I need to retire to my underground bunker in Idaho. I knew they completely ignore the Washington State constitution’s protection of the right to keep and bear arms. But their distain for property rights extends to thinking striking workers can deliberately damage employer property? Wow!

These people are evil.


10 thoughts on “These People are Evil

  1. Wait until they discover non-union people can destroy private property not belonging to their employers with impunity.

    Oh, wait, that was discovered during the summer of 2020.

    Never mind.

    How far out of town is your house? Asking for a friend…..

      • Response times mean nothing if the police actually do nothing after they arrive. That seems to be the local police mentality. My neighbor had a gang of burglars(?) break in while his 14 yo daughter was home. The cops arrived minus lights and sirens, and stood around in neighbors yards ’til the gang left the house. They only caught 2 of the three.
        Seems officer safety trumps doing their job, now.

        • Seems we are getting closer and closer to
          Triple S territory.

          I wonder what the annual burden rate (salary, benefits, etc.) is for police officers vs Department of Sanitation workers. “Cleanup at 123 Maple Street” would probably be much cheaper with the big white truck guys with mops and brooms than cops.

          Since local taxes, in many cases, can be used as an itemized deduction on one’s federal taxes, would, in that case, put “ammunition and training” into the tax deductible category?

          And, just thinking out loud here, would a dumpster at the entrance to a subdivision prominently labeled “Burglar Disposal Only” be a worthwhile crime preventive?

          • I was royally pissed that I missed the neighbor’s call, as I would have had no problem doing a house clearing sweep for him (lots of training). You go in expecting them to be armed at a minimum with kitchen knives and multiple gangsters. (knives were found tossed in the side yard garden) His daughter is still suffering from PTSD as a result of hiding in a bathroom while they attempted to batter the door down. (solid wood internal doors, as opposed to the normal hollow core junk that is typical in homes)

  2. As an alternative to fleeing to Idaho, start supporting a movement to split the state. Won’t help with Bellevue but a border at Snoqualmie Pass would be a good place.

  3. It does depend on WHOSE ox is being gored, doesn’t it?

    Those who rule that destruction of property is legal are themselves owners of property, are they not? Do they think this cannot come back to bite them?

    I am not advocating that anyone destroy anyone’s property. I don’t have to. That will be done by people who never read our words here, but who respond to incentives. And then the Washington Supreme Court might have the wit to say “what have we done?”… but probably not.

  4. Okie dokey then. It should be Ok to destroy your own property? Who owns the building they meet in? Why I think it’s you-all Wa. state tax payors, right?
    But once again, just like the federal government. Communists have no sense of hypocrisy. Wither they be judge or janitor. Either legal or moral.
    Putting you in jail for 20 years over something they just let 20 antifa get away with scot-free does not bother them in the slightest.
    The real problem is the shock and awe you keep going through as you realize the new world order in which you live.
    The America that is projected on the screen does not exist anymore.
    Were being invaded and raided.
    Washington DC and Washington state are not one bit different than a Mongol hoard riding down on your village. (As far as the end result will be.)
    As a fun exercise, I wonder how the court will justify Somali style gangs roving around in technicals, robbing, raping, and murdering? As a vibrantly unique culture heritage maybe?
    Just don’t try it yourself.

  5. The left has been getting THEIR minions appointed to the bench in as many courts as possible for decades. We are now seeing the results of that plan coming to fruition. There are four boxes for liberty. The first three are patently null and void. That only leaves the fourth…and they are working feverishly to take that one away before enough people wake up and start using it.

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