Decline in the Number of Farms

Study shows farms on decline, posing risks to future food supply

The world’s farms are disappearing.

A new study out of the University of Colorado, Boulder found that the number of farms globally will shrink in half by the end of the century.

“The most striking finding that comes out of this work is that globally…we’ll see a tipping point from farm creation to farm consolidation,” said Zia Mehrabi, an assistant professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder and author of the study.

Why is this happening? One reason, the study mentions, is because there are not enough people to do farm work as people move from rural areas to cities.

The research also mentions the average existing farm will double in size by the end of the century.

My family has been farming on South Road in Clearwater county for almost 130 years. That will end in a few years when my brothers retire. The land will probably be rented to one or more younger farmers giving them larger farms that ours. Other neighbors are considering subdividing into individual homesites.

It is sad, but unless there is a cure for aging there just aren’t enough people interested in farm work these days.


4 thoughts on “Decline in the Number of Farms

  1. Starving the populace is a lot easier and a lot safer for the criminals in power than actual violence. Destroying the agricultural industry makes starvation for some inevitable. NONE of this is accidental.

  2. Lack of farms is troubling.
    Lack of people who know how to farm is extremely troubling.

  3. It’s been apparent for a few years now that the nations in Western Civ have been actively working to restrict farming and ranching by various means.

    You would think that food production would normally be a profitable enterprise at any size above a backyard garden, but that hasn’t been true for many years. Part of the trouble is the increase in cost of the equipment that is used. Add in uncontrolled variables such as weather, and it can be a real crapshoot whether you have a profitable year. Various levels of government work hard to make life difficult for any who dare to work the ground.

    One of the oddities of history is that many of those of the communist/socialist bent are lacking any knowledge or connection to any part of the process of food production. Lots of unintended starvation occurs as a result, apart from those that are deliberately starved. Starvation is a hallmark of com/soc movements. A hundred years ago, the vast majority of people were involved in some part of the production, distribution, and sale of food. The current percentage is minuscule.

    I can recall hunting small game with my father in the 60’s, and mostly this occurred in and around abandoned farms outlying the Philly area of PA. In some cases the fields appeared to still be in use, with the houses and outbuildings obviously unused, other farms were completely unused, and falling apart.

    • The commies aren’t interested in the details of food production.
      They assume that there will ALWAYS be people who have food that they can TAKE BY FORCE in order to keep themselves alive. Historically that’s the way it’s been. We need to insure that isn’t the way it is in the future.

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