Gun Owners are Fearful, Isolated, Rhetoric Filled Individuals

Interesting claims:

“It’s the fearful, isolated, rhetoric filled individual that feels such a great need to defend themselves all the time and everywhere. And it’s hard to value another human when you’re not connected to them, even when your view of them comes from social media news and not the unbiased stuff that you and I grew up on that went away in 1987 when the FCC got rid of the fairness right, the fairness rules for media, the Fairness Doctrine. So what we did is what we look for in those,” he said, discussing the effect these sources have on people’s psyche.

“And the more you fill your head, your psyche, and the more you read and watch, the more you get disrupted, and you feel far more vulnerable. And now fear and anxiety and worry starts to make choices, including protecting yourself,” Dr. Gilliland continued, addressing how social media does not only impact adolescents negatively but adults as well.

Citation needed.

This is what they think of you.

I claim it is the fearful, bubble isolated rhetoric filled person who has never been to a gun range, match, or store who harbors such a dystopic view of our culture. Just watch the KING5 Evening Magazine video on Boomershoot or any of the other media coverage and you will see this guy is delusional and/or lying.

The news was unbiased prior to 1987? Ouch! My sides hurt from laughing so hard.


2 thoughts on “Gun Owners are Fearful, Isolated, Rhetoric Filled Individuals

  1. Interesting that the “powers that be” behind all the leftist agenda are wealthy, faceless, shadowy types that are all too happy to finance “peaceful protests” in the city, spend billions to elect anti-freedom politicians, and bamboozle their minions – talk about disconnected from humanity! Meanwhile, virtually all of the pro-freedom, pro-2A groups are funded by donations from individuals – NRA, FPC, GOA, CCKBA, etc.
    Gun owners are the first to speak up for protecting the individual. Leftist anti-gunners (yeah, duplicated concept) are the first to talk about rounding people up and sticking them in camps for disagreement about vaccines, guns, abortion, sexually fucked up mental ailments, or whatever the cause du jour may be.

  2. And the anti-liberty gun-banners AREN’T “fearful, isolated, rhetoric-filled individuals”? If they feel they aren’t isolated, it’s because they don’t expect anyone to oppose their cloud-cuckooland ideas.

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