4 thoughts on “On Shooting Tyrants in the Face

  1. Good meme!
    But not with todays communists. “The founding fathers had just got done shoot tyrants in the face, right.”
    Oh, those bigoted-white-supremist-slave-owning-racist-redneck-gun-carrying-small dicked-bible thumping-pee-brained- moronic-sub-humans?
    We don’t care, you don’t need a gun because… no one should have guns but police!
    BANG,SPAT! There’s a lesson son. No arguing with communists.
    Identify, eliminate, compost. Now, get it’s feet.
    That’s how I see the conversation going these days.

  2. The meme is exactly right.
    Men are not women. “I don’t believe that.”
    Children are not adults. “I don’t believe that.”
    Adults are not children. “I don’t believe that.”
    Communism produces corpses, not prosperity. “I don’t believe that.”

    You can’t argue logically against belief.

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