Gun Registration is for Confiscation

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If we had gun registration, if we were able to track purchases, they have a technology that every bullet could be stamped like a fingerprint, if we had an ATF that wasn’t defunded, we would be able to enforce gun laws more effectively and we would be able to solve gun crimes more effectively.

Jon Stewart
March 3, 2023
Jon Stewart Brutally Confronts Republican Lawmaker Over Gun Deaths


The object of the first two “if” statements is false and will continue to be false for a long time in the future, if not for a century or more. And I can see a plausible future where the ATF is, at least, not just underfunded, from Stewarts view, but stripped of the letter ‘A’ in its name.

And how many crimes have been solved using gun registration in Hawaii or Canada?* The numbers I have heard have been zero and one. So, what color is the sky in Stewarts universe?

Or, a better question, what is the nature of his evil intent? The only reason for gun registration is confiscation.

However the best question is, will he continue to waste oxygen on this and related topics after judges strike down any law that hint at registration. We already have a gun serial number law struck down. How does Stewart think registration is possible with no serial numbers?

* Gun Violence Research, GVPedia, claims it is MYTH: Firearm registries never helped solve a crime. But it is very telling they dance around the question without ever answering it affirmatively:

Hawai’i is the only state that requires all firearms to be registered and consistently has the lowest or second lowest gun death rate in the country. In a March 15, 2021 letter to GVPedia, Hawai’i Police Department Chief Paul K. Ferreira wrote, “In response to your inquiry about whether the firearms registration process in Hawai’i County has been used to solve crimes or has resulted in prosecutions, firearm ownership or transfer information can lead to evidence that is vital to the prosecution of a crime.

“Firearms checks are used on a daily basis to confirm ownership of firearms recovered during the execution of search warrants, of firearms routinely found in the possession of suspects who are wanted for crimes, and firearms located within vehicles during traffic stops. Having the ability to access a person’s firearms information prior to arriving at a domestic violence type call can provide vital information for threat assessment and officer safety. Being able to verify the ownership of a firearm or where it has been transferred to have led to multiple calls for service being solved to include burglaries, theft and violent crimes.”

In a February 24, 2021 email to GVPedia, the Criminal Justice Division of the Department of the Attorney General of Hawaii wrote, “Hawaii requires a person seeking to purchase or acquire a firearm to apply for a permit from the police chief to ensure that the person acquiring a firearm in Hawaii is qualified to possess the firearm. In addition to obtaining a permit, Hawaii mandates the registration of all firearms purchased or acquired in Hawaii, transported into Hawaii, assembled from parts, or transferred from one person to another. As an added safeguard, Hawaii requires owners to report when a firearm is removed permanently from the State. This comprehensive system creates a record of the transaction(s) transferring ownership of the firearm, whether it be a pistol or revolver, or rifle or shotgun. The law also requires the transferor to verify that the recipient has obtained a permit to acquire a firearm, and, also to verify and record the identity of the recipient. Each county police department maintains its records of firearm transactions for its respective county, and all county police departments have statewide access to firearm information.

“Hawaii’s firearm permit and registration system provides information to law enforcement agencies and the courts that assist in solving crimes and promoting public safety. By requiring each transfer of ownership to be documented, the county police departments may be able to trace the ownership of a firearm involved in a crime. Firearm ownership or transfer information can lead to evidence that is vital to the prosecution of a crime.

“The courts routinely order that firearms are to be surrendered by persons who have been disqualified from ownership of firearms upon being charged with or convicted of felonies and certain misdemeanors, including domestic violence offenses. Also, a restraining or protective order, particularly a domestic violence protective order or gun violence protective order, will prohibit the possession of firearms. Law enforcement officers serving the protective order can verify whether the person being served owns firearms and account for its surrender. Additionally, when law enforcement serves warrants or execute evictions, the firearm registry can provide vital information for threat assessment and officer safety.”


8 thoughts on “Gun Registration is for Confiscation

  1. Maybe Jon Stewart should spend some time talking with Dr. John Lott.

  2. But not the gun crimes Jon Stewart gets exercised over. Gun crimes the conviction for which that make the world safe for the party members but not the hoi polloi, of which Jon Stewart may suddenly find himself a member.

  3. Maybe Mr. Steward should stop and think about just how lazy government people are?
    They have been given the most monstrous of laws and equipment and all they manage to do with them is buggary and theft, malfeasance at every turn and opportunity.
    With all the power and surveillance given them has stopped what? Crips? Bloods? MS-13? Cartel slavery? Antifa?
    A list far to long for comments.
    We give you power over our health. You give us (rear), Adm. Ralph wants to play Racheal, Levine. Who wants to mutilate children.
    We give you power over nuke waste. You give us a cross dressing fag that steals peoples clothes.
    Another list far to long for comments.
    All that power, and all the FBI can manage is to arrest and try Catholics for praying outside a baby part harvesting facility? And send 30 swat thugs to arrest him when he had already offered to turn himself in?
    How ’bout 50 top intelligences officers dismissing Hunter’s laptop as Russian disinformation?
    And you need more power and control over us to save us from the criminals Mr. Steward?
    You are the f–king criminals we need protection from Mr. Steward!
    And to give you what you truly need is a felony in all 50 states. As for the things you ask? Will only end as a crime against humanity. So why don’t you do us all a favor and go tell Hillary you got some dirt on her and Bill.

  4. Surprising that neither Stewart nor Dahm are aware that voting is not a right guaranteed by the US Constitution.

    • Sort of. The Constitution says that those that have the right t vote in state elections (for the state legislature) have the right to vote in Federal elections.
      That actually cuts two ways. It means, as you hinted, that things like property qualifications are constitutional and would carry over into federal elections if a state adopted such a thing. But conversely, if a nutcase state like CA adopts voting by aliens (illegal or otherwise) in state elections, that would mean those voters would also have the right to vote in elections for Congress and for the President. The Constitution does not require that voters be citizens. It would be good for that to be fixed through an amendment.

  5. There is a secondary reason for gun registration – revenue. It costs you a significant amount of money to register each of your vehicles every year or so. It would be the same with guns. Let’s suppose that there is a nominal fee of, say, $25 per gun (“just to cover the cost of paperwork”), and has to be renewed regularly.

    Squeezing money from the citizens is always a goal of the government, and the added benefit of having a confiscation list is just frosting on the cake.

  6. And yet Hawaii has a higher murder rate than other states with far less stringent gun laws.

    Those must be ‘good’ murders – beatings, stabbings, stranglings, etc

    • Not too mention being a island. Can’t use the “lax gun law state” excuse there!

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