Gun Control Works

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Because mass murderers agree. Gun control works!

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
Gun Control Works

Criminal governments are more of a threat to human life than all individual criminals combined.

Trust the science.


3 thoughts on “Gun Control Works

  1. As documented by the work of R.J. Rummel in the outstanding book, “Death by Government”. Covering only the 20th century mind you.
    Those facts have been undisputable for much longer than just the 20th century.
    As Vox Day calculated years ago, all in all, your 7 times more likely to be killed by your local bureaucrat than a criminal. (If one can find a difference.)
    So, the next time someone says something positive about gun control. Ask them straight up. What are you, some kind of mass-murderer? Drop the psycho crap already!
    Cause that is exactly what they are purporting.
    If they know it and persist, their evil. If they don’t know it. They’re to ignorant to have an opinion.

    • They could be honestly mistaken (a specific form of ignorance).

      However, as I have become fond of pointing out, when someone who is honestly mistaken receives correction, one of two things will happen: they will cease to be mistaken, or they will cease to be honest.

      Most prominent anti-gun people have been presented with factual, logical, and historical counter-arguments, and yet they persist with their anti-gun arguments unabated. They can no longer claim to be honestly mistaken, but are still mistaken; ergo they are dishonest.

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