Gun violence due to climate change

No. It’s not April 1st. And even if it had been I would not have been able to make this up:

New study finds tragic factor contributing to thousands of gun deaths nationwide

Gun violence is already a pressing public health concern in the U.S., and a new study has found a troubling link between it and the overheating of our planet.

As temperatures across the country soar and unseasonably warm days continue, the number of gun deaths across the country has gone up.

Nearly 8,000 gun shootings can be attributed to extreme temperatures, according to research published by JAMA Network.

The study analyzed 100 major U.S. cities with the highest proportion of gun violence between 2015 and 2020. It found that out of 116 ,511 shootings, roughly 6.85% (or 7,973) were attributable to above-average temperatures.

This means that if we successfully address global warming we can get rid of all the gun control laws.


8 thoughts on “Gun violence due to climate change

  1. Well, that makes sense as no one is ever going to “fix”, the climate either.
    But we can rest assured they will sacrifice to the last white supremist and more to get it done!
    Utopia is right at their fingertips. If we could only believe enough. Peasants! Just won’t believe!

  2. Considering that the theory is that one of the contributing factors to climate change is too many people … well, you can probably figure out where I’m going with this, right?

  3. Once again, highly educated (miseducated?) people using correlation as causation. The truth is before them, but they prefer the lie.

  4. So does that make Extreme Temperatures the most dangerous gang in the US. More than MS-13, Crips or Aryan Nation? Do they buy their guns using straw purchases or the gun show loophole?

    What is ATF doing about the threat about Extreme Temperatures? Probably selling them military hardware in a several year investigation that will end with no one getting convicted.

    ET must be a left wing gang otherwise the FBI and SPLC would have mentioned them with other right wing groups.

  5. they want to make it a health crisis because it gives them an in to use laws to get rid of guns…even though drugs, alcohol, and car accidents kill a lot more people every day…

  6. More quacks pretending they know something about guns just because they supposedly have medial degrees. It once again confirms that medical school is just a fancy and expensive trade school, and an MD is not really any different from a plumber’s license. Well, except that plumbers and similar tradesmen are typically a lot more honest and modest.

    • They put that tremendous ego into the minds of doctors at the same time they give them the First Year Orientation.

  7. By the time we successfully address Climate Change, we won’t need ANY gun control laws because only the government and the ultra rich (which will be one and the same by then) will be able to afford guns.

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