Don’t make impractical sex rules

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A new study in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy sought to investigate the relationship between sexual values and sexual incongruence as well as the effects of religiousness on this relationship. The findings indicate that religiousness predicts sexual incongruence, but not more than conservative sexual values, which demonstrated the most substantial relationship.

The research demonstrates that specific sexual values are predictive of sexual incongruence, over and above the effects of religiousness. Conservative sexual values surrounding abstinence may be particularly difficult for individuals to uphold, leading to greater sexual incongruence.

These findings have important implications for sexual education and therapy, highlighting the need to consider individual values and beliefs in promoting sexual health and well-being.

Laura Staloch
February 21, 2023
New study finds the more conservative your sexual values, the more challenging it is to stick to them

On one hand this is a, “Well, duh!” moment. Adhering to strict rules is obviously going to be more difficult and less likely to happen than having lax or no rules. But there are some implication not mentioned in the article.

If the rules are so such that compliance is too difficult, then guilt, depression, and perhaps even self harm could result after failure or having extreme difficulty in abiding by the rules..


4 thoughts on “Don’t make impractical sex rules

  1. I hope she didn’t pay to much for that degree.
    The whole idea of sex education truly is laughable. And nothing is ever going to change the constant turmoil of human sexual behavior.
    Although Jesus and the Bible might help a little.
    A study of PTSD would be far more helpful in understanding humans and sex.
    As more people have been killed over “love” than war ever could have. Most of us have the personal wreckage in our lives to prove it.
    The ex-wife asked if I would ever get a girlfriend?
    What, I need two of you to deny me sex and spend my money? Was my reply.
    Sex, it’s the most enjoyable game I ever got my ass kicked playing.

  2. Conversely, if one *does* live by such a code, there could be some amount of distress associated with the fact that no one else does, making partner selection very difficult.

  3. I like to think I have a pretty good command of English, but I couldn’t find any semantic content in that quote. What the heck is “sexual incongruence”? I know “congruent” as a technical term in geometry, so I thought perhaps it means “it doesn’t fit” but that doesn’t seem right.

    • It means there is a difference between what they claim their values are and their actual behavior is. It is a fancy way of saying “hypocrisy”.

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