Some sleep drugs increase risk of dementia

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The study followed approximately 3,000 older white and black adults without dementia over an average duration of nine years, to find that white participants who frequently used sleep medications had a 79 percent increased risk of developing dementia compared to those who rarely used them.

George Citroner
February 22, 2023
Sleep Aids Linked to an 80 Percent Increased Risk of Dementia

Good to know.

You have to read most of the article to confirm that there is a causal affect from the medication to dementia and not just a correlation or even a causation in the other direction:

“We’ve known for a while that certain sleep medications like benzodiazepines are associated with an increased risk of dementia,” Percy Griffin, who holds a doctorate in molecular cell biology and is the Alzheimer’s Association director of scientific engagement

I have never taken any drugs for the purpose of aiding my sleep, but some people I am close to do.


2 thoughts on “Some sleep drugs increase risk of dementia

  1. I have been finding out the hard way as I get older. When I use something to fill in some gap in bodily function. My body just quits doing it and lets the product do the work.I guess to go work on something else that needs attention?
    The wife’s uncle started taking sleep meds. Now he can’t sleep without them. He actually drove from So. Oregon to the bay area overnight because he forgot his Ambien.
    Wither thru addiction or necessity….. Damn!

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