Delusional, ignorant, stupid, or evil

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In April, the CPRC also hired McLaughlin & Associates to survey people’s estimates of the percentage of violent crime that is committed using guns. They found that those most strongly supporting gun control dramatically overestimated the percentage of violent crime committed with guns. While the average Democrat estimates that 56.9% of violent crimes involve guns and the typical Republican gave an answer of 37%. (The actual rate is less than 8%.) This suggests that Democrats, who are more likely to favor gun control, are particularly ill-informed about the realities of gun violence.

John R. Lott, Jr.
President, Crime Preven9on Research Center
December 15, 2022
Testimony Before the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security

Via David Hardy.

Only the delusional, the ignorant, the stupid, and the evil support gun control.


6 thoughts on “Delusional, ignorant, stupid, or evil

  1. From whom does one get their information? As those that rely on government and MSM will be those delusional, ignorant, stupid people. Lead by the evil and malicious. Unfortunately for them, they both carry the same penalty.
    At this point the real question seems to be, who could possibly believe a word the government has to say? Or MSM for that matter?
    And the question that seems to keep repeating itself throughout the ages; How could we fall for that crap anyway? Never seems to get answered.
    As humanity has found out the hard way, numerous times that satanic level evil is more than willing to destroy friend and foe alike.
    One stands completely dumbfounded. But here we go again Mabel.

    • Lots of conservatives think the media and Deep State lie about absolutely everything except Ukraine.

  2. your concluding sentence is somewhat exaggerated, but given the prevailing political malaise, perhaps understandably so.

    it’s certainly possible to support *some varieties of* gun control without falling into any of those categories; it’s just that the common popular conception of “gun control” tends to stray pretty far from what can be rationally supported. sadly.

    i dare say few people would find much to object about denying violent felons the right to own guns, for instance. mr. Lott’s article at least strongly implies that a plurality of people would support red flag laws, *if they allowed for legal due process*. (hell, _i_ only object to them because they generally don’t.)

    then again, i’m aware i’m an outlier amongst your readership; i’ve already made up my mind to buy me an AR-15 — which i otherwise have no earthly use for — the next time the republican party wins either in my state, or nationally. because come that day, i may need it to defend myself against them. (and hopefully that day _won’t_ come, as i’m too damn old to go shooting fascists in the streets. still…)

    • If I might posit, Nomen. If a violent felon has paid his debt to society. Why should he be deprived his human right of self defense?
      On the other hand, what, especially government, has ever stopped a violent felon from getting and using a gun?
      Red-flag laws, (even discounting abuse), still acts before a crime has been committed on the outside chance someone will not use some other means to do the deed.
      Is that how you want people treating you?
      And why should anyone ever think a majority of people’s thoughts on a matter ever nullify ones human rights under the charter that maintains this country?
      What next, White people voting to make black people pick cotton for them?
      No, slavery is wrong on all levels. So is gun-control.

      • You just put a thought into my head that should have been there all along, with that “before the crime” comment:

        It’s settled law that “prior restraint” is unconstitutional where speech is concerned. On the other hand, you may be accountable for the consequences of damaging speech. (As Neil Smith put it, “Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes was wrong. You have an absolute and perfect right to shout “Fire!” in a crowded theater — and to accept responsibility for the consequences.” (in “Hope” by Smith and Zelman).

        For the same reasons — if anything, more so — prior restraint is and should be illegal where the right to keep and bear arms is concerned.

  3. Delusional, ignorant, stupid or evil.
    Choose two.

    I am being charitable here, I almost said choose three.

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