Quote of the day—D2HackerHunter @D2HackerHunter

We can’t meet the coward rednecks halfway.

We must say what needs to be said, and do what needs to be done:

Ban ALL guns, take ALL guns.

Invite those WEAK pussy cowards to resist when we do.

D2HackerHunter @D2HackerHunter
Tweeted on January 22, 2023
[Via a tweet by Law Firm of SolitaryPoorNastyBrutish&Short @AubreyLaVentana.

I suspect D2HackerHunter was overwhelmed by the response.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—D2HackerHunter @D2HackerHunter

  1. Oh, but thanks to SCOTUS, they are meeting us halfway. They want to ban all the guns, and we are regaining the ability to buy, possess and bear a large variety of firearms that have previously been inaccessible in many states. We’ll get free access to SBRs, SBSs and suppressors soon enough. We haven’t yet regained machine guns, but it’s actually a dim possibility.

    I’m relatively cowardly and possibly leaning towards redneck. I’d be happy to greet Mr. HackerHunter if he wants to come disarm me. We can have a nice conversation, though he might need to speak up ’cause of the noise my backhoe makes when idling.

  2. If they ever succeed in instituting a ban and start confiscations, we can safely assume it won’t be Mr. D2HackerHunter doing the door-to-door sweeps.

    Like most anti-gunners, he’s perfectly willing to call gun owners “WEAK pussy cowards” from the safety of his own home, while someone else does the dangerous job of fulfilling his fantasy.

    So who’s the real coward here?

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. Mr. D2HackerHunter would never be number one in the stack. He would be like the infamous Field Grade Officer in the helicopter overhead in Vietnam trying to tell the ground guys how to fight. He is a coward for sure.

  3. Obviously this comes from an anonymous Twitter coward. But David Frum, former presidential speech writer and currently right hand man of Michael Bloomberg, has also said that all gun owners are cowards and that no NRA member ever served in the military. Notably, Frum was active in American politics when he was still a Canadian citizen, and only got US citizenship once he was past draft age.

  4. You’all got the talken part done, Mr. Hunter. And have been done for years. You bitches ain’t got it in you. Never have.
    Ol’ painless is oiled an ready any time. You bunch O’ bitches!

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