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This past year, the number of concealed gun licenses awarded in Washington state soared by more than 57,000, to about 700,000, according to data from the state Department of Licensing.

It means that just shy of 12% of all the adults in Washington state are packing (or at least are licensed to do so). This rate is 11th highest in the nation, according to a national roundup of gun data, behind mostly red states.

Around here they appear to be as hot as ever. That’s despite all the gun control laws (or maybe in reaction to them). Despite the bad publicity from mass shootings. Despite years of public-health ad campaigns about the potential dangers of having guns in the home.

Danny Westneat
January 11, 2023
Blue state paradox: WA keeps arming up
[Emphasis added.

12% of the adult in Washington have CPLs. That has to contribute to a culture change about gun ownership. That number is greater than the number of LBGT people in our society. It’s time to come out of the closet.

I found it amusing Westneat thinks that publicity about mass shootings would tend to reduce the carrying of guns.

I want to pat him on the head and tell him, “That’s so cute!”—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Danny Westneat

  1. Not to mention his reference to the notorious lies and propaganda he describes as “public health campaigns”.

  2. Liberal anti-gunners look at the mass shooter and say “Oh that’s so awful, I don’t want to be like him.”
    Pro-rights citizens look at the shooter’s victims and say, “Oh that’s so awful, I don’t want to be like him!”

    • Spot on Defens.
      And then there’s pro-rights citizens that look at mass shooting and say; Why wasn’t anyone shooting back?
      Which seems to be a rapidly growing sector of the country. Not just in Wa.
      Now if they could just get it through their head they don’t need governments permission to carry…..
      Slowly, slowly.

  3. had a chl in the 80’s when i was stationed at lewis…i was stationed there when they had the famous shootout between the rangers and gang bangers…

  4. So, do the people he hangs out with look at the shootings and say, “How terrible! I’d better not hire anyone to carry near me!”?
    If not, why should he believe that someone who could not afford dedicated security for his own protection would not want to carry for his own protection?
    Does believing Leftist doctrines make you stupid or do stupid people flock to Leftism?

    Edit to add: At first I misread little Danny’s last name as WestNUT.
    how Freudian of me!

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