Quote of the day—David Scott

I’ve always wanted to get a handgun, But I haven’t really had a reason to get one until now. The main thing I’ve been hearing from people is to keep a firearm or something else for self-defense.

David Scott
November 30, 2022
Armed to The Teeth: University of Idaho Students Packing Heat Following Murder of Four Classmates
[They can thank Mike B. and others who spent years getting the University of Idaho and other Idaho higher education schools to comply with the law of the land.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—David Scott

  1. “I’ve always wanted to get a handgun, But I haven’t really had a reason”
    Isn’t wanting it reason enough?

    • Be fair: guns cost money, ammo costs more money, and training costs time and money.

      It’s perfectly possible to want a handgun, but not get one because there are more pressing needs on limited resources. There are also inaccurate perceived barriers along with the real practical hurdles. The quoted Mr Scott is experiencing a rapid re-ordering of his priorities.

      It is the proverbial Good Turn For The Day for we, good responsible gun owners and champions of self reliance and defense of the peaceful, to help take down the real and imagined barriers for other good folk and help them come to that place of self-responsibility, long before the predators shove them in that direction with blood and pain.

  2. Well, let’s hope Mr. Scott gets one for Christmas! (Along with some ammo.)
    Merry Christmas all!

  3. I am a great proponent of effective self defense but if anyone thinks that just carrying a firearm is all that is needed, they have a lot to learn. And, I hope they learn it sooner than too much later. From all the information I have seen about the tragedy in Moscow, the victims had little opportunity to defend themselves. As paranoid as some people might think it to be, recognizing that evil can and will be ever present, taking precautions like controlling access and using alarms during times of extreme vulnerability (like sleeping) is simply being prudent and prepared. And, preparedness brings peace of mind. Be wary of quick and simple solutions to complex and multi faceted problems.

    • Just having the bedroom door locked would seem to be a big improvement in the current case. Or did the murderer pick the locks?

      • There are certainly a great many details that those not officially involved will likely never know. However, as a lesson tragically learned, small but extremely loud door movement alarms are inexpensive and should be a first choice after simply locking exterior and bedroom doors in a multi, unrelated resident house that is typical in many college towns. If I were a parent of college age kids today, I would personally inspect their residence and make sure my child knew of the security risks and to consistently follow a security plan.

        • “…make sure my child knew of the security risks and to consistently follow a security plan.”

          College students are basically children at this point. Expecting them to think, and act, like an adult is pretty much a stretch. For that matter, too many of them never get to that level of growth.

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