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What happened to the gigantic red wave that was supposed to crush the Democrats in the midterm elections? Every Republican in the country is blaming everyone else for this disaster, but almost no one is looking in the right place—and that’s exactly how the Big Tech companies like it.

Based on my team’s research, Google, and to a lesser extent, Facebook and other tech monopolies, not only took steps to shift millions of votes to Democrats in the midterms, but they are using their influence to spread rumors and conspiracy theories to make sure people look everywhere for explanations—except at them.

Robert Epstein
November 15, 2022
How Google Stopped the Red Wave
[What he says happened is technically fairly easy and plausible. Assuming they actually did this, I find it very irritating. It is little different than suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story. But, I can’t see they did anything illegal or that a law to punish such activity would pass constitutional muster.

It is a different case than restaurants, motels, and other public accommodations being required to serve people of all races, religions, etc. They aren’t, in this case, denying anyone service. Should the Republican party be required to send “Vote today!” email to everyone instead of just people they believe are likely to vote for their candidates?

If Google should register as a lobbyist to engage in this sort of activity, then should bloggers also be required to register? How about people with Facebook pages or a Twitter account?

Beyond boycotting them and their advertisers what might be the solution?—Joe]


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  1. If Facebook chooses which posts to hide and which to push, which to censor and which to promote, then they are publishers exercising editorial oversight over content.

    The field is level and fair, or it is not.

  2. If elections can be swayed by the content of Google’s autofill suggestions in the search box we have much larger problems than Google trying to sway an election. If the U.S. populace is so disengaged and uninformed that one of Epstein’s “ephemeral experiences” can sway them, it’s quite possible democracy isn’t the best system for them.

    Be a serf or be a citizen. Citizens aren’t swayed by Google results.

    • It is not just the autofill. It is pushing politically incorrect content down in the results or even not indexing it.

      And it is Google News, not just their search results.

      • Epstein says “That’s why the red wave fizzled—because Google had its digital thumb on the scale for months before the elections.” Which is ridiculous. The red wave fizzled for lots of reasons, including that a bunch of supreme court justice nominees lied to congress and proceeded to overturn Roe.

        Again I say, if you make your election decisions based on what Google tells you, you don’t deserve democracy. There are plenty of ways of getting information that don’t involve Google. But that requires a citizenry rather than a bunch of serfs doing what they’re told.

        • Sending unfavorable information to page three of the google results is a thumb of epic proportions.

  3. Sounds to me like putting the blame on Google is missing the point. Somewhat.
    Communism isn’t a one-handed monster. Did Google help? Every way they could, I’m sure.
    Did the abortion decision help? Somewhat, but not to the degree that it would override everything else that’s going on in society today. (There’s really that many woman that don’t understand how not to get pregnant, so they need to kill babies?) Open Abortion has been a net loser in elections for decades.
    What we can be sure of is, just like Slow-Joe gett’in 81 million votes, it all comes down to who counts them votes, where and how. And how many were faked, harvested, or just plain dragged up out of motor-voter rolls and filled out on site?
    Sorry, when it takes you a week to count what used to be done by midnight?
    You’re cheat’in.
    We knew the commies were not going to just sit back and do nothing. And we got it that one right. And our answer.
    Or maybe I’m all wet and there truly is that many people that believe in global climate change, and Joe Biden is going to save us. Through not-inflation.
    What’s for sure is for the next 2 years were going to get all the democracy Joe Biden can executively order.
    Google or no.

    • Well, all those may be important factors, but the major one is, as Johnny Rocco said in Key Largo: Get my boys to bring the voters out. And then count the votes over and over again ’til they added up right, and he was elected.
      Mailing out ballots to everyone is too much like when Bankamericard was new in the sixties, and applications were sent to everyone with a pulse who could fog a mirror. The banks lost millions from fraud, but they made enough to make up for it. Voting is much more important, and they weren’t playing with their own money.

  4. I’m sure Google and other Big Tech companies were complicit in the cheating.
    But the ultimate responsibility lies with the commie left demonrats who released the
    Coronavirus to force us into using the tools they needed to enable cheating. Mail in voting and ballot harvesting. Without those two tools the cheating and theft of MANY electoral races would have been infinitely more difficult and likely not possible. As long as those two tools are in place they left will NEVER lose another election again…unless it’s by THEIR choice. TINVOWOOT. There will never be another honest election in America again….ever.

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