5 thoughts on “Don’t ask and/or plead

  1. What trial. You really think there’s going to be any trials over all the evil the left has perpetrated? The only justice the left will ever see will be extrajudicial and usually late at night.

    • Have you ever seen “M” by Fritz Lang, starring Peter Lorre?
      That is the only way I see a trial occurring. Too many of the government criminal class live in essentially secret places, either behind walls or in houses not visible from the road, and held by LLC’s and holding companies with names incorporating the address and little else. Without that information, anyone sent to serve process or someone with power to compel presence at a trial, (Subpoena Ad Capitandam) is only going to return empty handed, and whoever took our Rights under the Constitution will persuade too many sheeple (Gad! I used that word!) that they’re better off with them in charge. Like now.

  2. “The only justice the left will ever see will be extrajudicial and usually late at night.”

    Until it becomes too blatant, too frequent and too severe for even the sight- and logic-impaired to ignore, then it will happen during daylight.

    Joe, it may be time to move on from this “at their trials” fantasy. Ain’t gonna happen. Should, for all sorts of reasons, but won’t. Could be nothing happens except “more of the same,” which is looking like the safer bet.

    • Deep south blacks in the 1950s probably believed there would never be trials for the lynching. There weren’t as many as there should have been. But there were enough that that lynchings for being black won’t happen in the foreseeable future.

  3. I don’t see it mattering anymore. Anyone you know going to give up their guns to the communists from anywhere? Because of some illegal law?
    City people elect retards to write laws that no one obeys. Especially them. Biden will probably issue an EO for firearms confiscation. Who’s going to comply? The cartels and the hood-rats?
    The communist have caught themselves in their own trap on this one. And the more commie-ism they bring on us. The more un-ruley rural America is going to become.
    Like I told the two theives that were on their knees with their fingers laced behind their heads out behind my rural Oregon home once.
    The same police that don’t do anything to you thieving tweekers, don’t come looking for missing tweekers either.
    Trials? All good if we still have the convenience of being civilized.

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