2 thoughts on “Americans Ron Paul wants disarmed

  1. He’s actually just talking about the constitution, which forbids a federal police force. Only the states can use force against the people. The only federal force the constitution allows to be armed is the military which is forbidden from operating against civilians. It’s not just a good idea, it’s the law, and it would be nice if the government would start obeying the law.

  2. Spot on Fido. And less we forget Lavoy Finicum, And Waco II? Those were an FBI-HRT op also. Joe.
    If J6 wasn’t completely an op. The rounding up and jailing the trespassers certainly is.
    I like Ron Paul. But I think he’s way off base on this one. They don’t need to be disarmed; they need to be dis-banded. And much of the upper management jailed.
    When one considers the rot being deep enough to actually do a Ruby Ridge or Waco I, unapologetically. And that was thirty years ago!
    Taking their guns isn’t going to stop that cancer.

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