Quote of the day—Maj Toure (@MAJTOURE)

White guys should’ve started an org #WhiteLivesMatter to stop the FACT that whites are MURDERED by police more than ANY other group.

But they “back the blue” complain about the BLM phrase & did NOTHING but a reactionary slogan cuz they felt “left out.”

The HEIGHT of Karenism.

Maj Toure (@MAJTOURE)
Tweeted on October 5, 2022
[Sometimes the wisdom of taking a early stand isn’t as obvious as it is in hindsight.—Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day—Maj Toure (@MAJTOURE)

  1. Because every “white lives matter”, group, i.e. Proud boys was co-opted by the FBI?
    Were in a communist putsch. About all one can do is throw rhetoric and ridicule at it till it starts flaming. (Thus, the MEME wars. Which almost no communist is good at.)
    When the shooting starts, (it always does), then one stands a chance at real resistance.
    Till then no organization is going to be very effective. As witnessed that even Anitafa (gay version), and BLM are burning themselves out very quickly. Just as the Tea party, (largest and cleanest rally in DC history), got destroyed in nothing flat.
    And even the FBI/ATF/CIA are busy lying their way into oblivion.
    Communism can only destroy. So just like Putin viewing the west. You have to kill it decisively. Or leave it alone. And since it’s killing itself already?

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