Quote of the day—Frank Miniter

If gun-control advocates were honest, they’d look at these facts—and all the data behind what actually makes Americans safer—and demand that armed criminals be prosecuted. They would, in sum, get on the law-and-order bandwagon in what must be a law-and-order election.

But they can’t, as control is what they’re really after.

Frank Miniter
September 21, 2022
This Is Not A Culture War
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day—Frank Miniter

  1. Yes, and as Jesse Kelly calls them. A religion of domination. And quite honestly, they don’t even know what for. Ask them and all one gets are nebulous terms.
    But such has always been life on this planet. One can’t have a society without it attracting parasites.
    Were just coming to that stage in which we can no longer live with them. Once again.
    The real question is just how bad do we want to survive?

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