5 thoughts on “Doc Holiday on gun control

  1. Weren’t the Earps and Holiday government agents? Trying to take away the weapons of private citizens, the Clantons?
    I know Wyatt Earp is a western legend, but that’s how I remember it, anyhow.

  2. And since we haven’t shot any of the criminals trying to disarm us they have perceived correctly that they can do as they wish with impunity.

  3. Oh irony of ironies about gun control!
    And now we get to finish that game we started, play for blood, remember?
    And who is who’s huckleberry?
    The only thing that might follow script on this one is everyone left alive will be riding horses.
    A truer movie future would be like Cowboys an Aliens?
    And speaking of memes. Someone needs to make a new IRS 1040 form. That has a “10% for the big guy”, column.

  4. Re:; The meme. I’ve been trying to explain that to people since ’92. When Hillary attempted to take control of the medical profession to punish the opposition. Pursuant to taking away our 2nd ammendment rights.

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