What gun for riots?

Do you want to know what type of gun used to be advertised for riots?

Skip the riot shotguns. Go straight to the real thing.

Read the fine print:


I expect that even with moderate application of the belt fed 30.06 there would be very few repeat offenders.

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Referred to me via a tweet from Chuck Petras @Chuck_Petras.


9 thoughts on “What gun for riots?

  1. Dang, those weren’t cheap.
    $865 in today’s dollars is something well over $25,000 & the 100 rounds of ammo is over $220 (which today is pretty close to what 5 boxes of .30-06 will run you anyway).

  2. smiling and laughing. they were made of far sterner stuff in the old days, weren’t they? laughing some more.

  3. Potato digger! John Browning for sainthood. Einstein is highly overrated in the genius dept.
    God made man. Samuel Colt made them equal. John Browning made them terrifying.
    As far as crowd pleasers go. A good BAR is much more mobile. And if they would have been more in our hands during WWI? It might have ended quicker.
    But anything 30’06 will end riots in a hurry. I wouldn’t want to be fourth back in line against an ’06.

    • And I have to make do with a semi-auto BAR! They say life wasn’t better in the “old days” save for stuff like this. Mail order machine guns sounds awesome to me.

      A BAR might be more mobile but that beast sure isn’t light! With six mags on the bandolier plus one in the gun you’ll feel every pound even with it slung on your shoulder for literal walking fire.

      Maybe Joe will let me do that with the BAR for high intensity in ’24?

      • Totally cool Matt, but I would think to be anywhere near accurate with full-auto ’06. You going to need the weight.
        That thing must be top-drawer fun!

  4. It’s worth pointing out that Gatling guns are still not particularly restricted, since they are not “machine guns” in the NFA sense.
    For example, Home Shop Machinist magazine regularly advertises kits for making .22 LR Gatling guns.

    • There’s a 9mm version fed by Glock magazines out. I’ve seen that version shot and with a 100 rd Glock drum………
      My idea is to make a gear attachment that instead of it firing 3 times per revolution of the crank, it would fire 9.

  5. I prefer a six pounder with canister myself. If I had lottery money one of the businesses I would explore would be making modern muzzle loading black powder rifled cannons, designed for solid shot and canister. Have them primed with 12 gauge blanks. (Technically field guns.)
    Oh, you’ve got a bearcat? Say hello to this guy.

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