Slippery slope

From What the Supreme Court’s Gun Ruling Means For Gun Control

So the future will depend, at least in part, on what state lawmakers try to do. Lawmakers in a state like New York or California could test the limits of the Supreme Court’s ruling by designating the subway, Broadway theaters or grocery stores as “sensitive places” where heightened restrictions can be applied. The risk for them, of course, is that the next Supreme Court ruling could expand gun rights even further.

It could be that the slippery slope is leaning in the correct direction.

I won’t be satisfied until the opposition knows the slightest misstep will be like a greased tin floor at a steep angle with a Federal prison cell at the bottom.


8 thoughts on “Slippery slope

  1. So will ignoring the Supreme Court ruling do it? That’s what it looks like they are going to do.

    • And what are the odds that Biden and company will order federal resources to impose Supreme Court rulings? They are already ignoring the law by allowing protests.

      • I’m pretty sure we can do that ourselves. I’m not sure. But lawsuits against the states for damages that reach the SCOTUS?
        To me, states that ignore the decision are going to have a hard time, being labeled as usurpers.
        American gun owners are too strong to stand down on this one.
        And as judge Thomas pointed out. Gun control is racist! Their a bunch of RACISTS! HAHAHAHA!
        No matter what. I think it’s safe to call this a clue bat decision. Even if the commies don’t get it.
        We know we were right all along. This just confirms it.

        • I’m not convinced. I suspect that would just get you labeled a domestic terrorist and find yourself facing the US army so long as Biden and company is in charge.

          • No doubt. But It’s not like weren’t facing all that anyway?
            After all, we are talking commies here. (And I’m white).
            For all I know this could start CWII. Biden and Trump are going to have to do something to cover up the Covid murder spree they been on, right?
            Anitafa,(gay/trans version), could burn down the west coast in order for Biden to declare marshall law in the coming weeks.
            Anythings possible with this crew.
            I’m old, so watching liberals shit themselves after 50 years is a real treat!
            Deal with the rest when it gets here.

          • I too am old. I remember when we got electricity on the farm in 49. I should say AC, because we had a room off the garage with a bank of 6v car batteries and a DC generator.

            This country is no place for old men, but we’ll make do anyway.

  2. I think that one of the things that will trip them up is the comment about sensitive places having pervasive and constant police presences (if I remember the phrasing correctly.) This court seems to have gone full originalist, and if that is the case, I can see them overturning the “police have no duties to anything” regarding “sensitive places” and put the liability back on the police for what happens there.

    You can bet your ass the subway would go from “sensitive place” to free fire zone pretty quickly.

  3. For all the demagoguery the media is blowing out into the airwaves, you can bet there are commie leftist lawyers reading this case just as closely as they can to decide what their next step will be. The myriad of Jim Crow laws created after the Civil War and Reconstruction were enacted because someone read the Thirteenth Amendment, and noted how slavery was allowed for the punishment for crime where the party shall have been duly convicted.

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