Getting a clue?

The words and concepts are all there. But I’m not sure he is putting it all together to arrive at the obvious conclusion:

Nobody talks tougher on guns than the left. We want to regulate them, seize them, control them, even ban them.

The uncomfortable part of this stance is: Who is going to carry all this out, though, if not the police? Police who are stopping, searching, interfering — all the things various city actors have understandably said they are most skeptical police can do safely and without racial bias.

Recently, I wrote about how Washington state’s aggressive gun control laws, which ban AR-15 gun sales to people under age 21 and also institute a 10-day waiting period, would likely have prevented the recent Buffalo and Texas mass shootings (because both were committed by 18-year-olds who legally bought their guns).

What they don’t prevent are the types of gun crime that Seattle is awash in right now — where drug dealers, gang members or others steal guns or pick them up on an ample black market.

He needs to ask himself, and then his entire readership, just one question.


2 thoughts on “Getting a clue?

  1. The biggest problem is they keep calling it “Gun crime”. (For the narrative.) It’s criminals committing acts of crime, with guns.
    And them thinking they can stop with the police is truly dystopian.
    The real mental/public health crisis in this country is communism.

  2. I wonder: suppose one were to respond to a demand for gun confiscation thus —

    You think all legally-owned guns should be confiscated, right?

    This will be done by police, right?

    So… what if the police, for whatever reason, say: “we have to start somewhere, let’s start by confiscating all the guns owned by black people?”

    Would this be seen as a problem… and if so, why?

    Sure, this would be racist. But I assume gun-grabbers already see the police as racist, so this shouldn’t be a surprise, right?

    Would this mean that, if successful, American black people would be disarmed, and therefore at the utter mercy of the dreaded White Supremacists? If so… well, welcome to the party, pal. We’ve been warning for years that disarming the law-abiding will leave them at the mercy of the lawless.

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