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California water officials unanimously struck down a $1.4 billion plan to build a seaside desalination plant amid a water crisis sparked by megadrought and climate change.

The California Coastal Commission, which is responsible for protecting the state’s shores, voted Thursday to deny a permit to seawater desalination developer Poseidon Water to build a desalination plant in Huntington Beach.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom was among the supporters for the plan, which promised to produce 50 million gallons of drinking water a day. Steve Sheldon, president of the Orange County Water District, said the plant would make the county “drought resilient.”

Julia Jacobo
May 13, 2022
California panel unanimously rejects proposal for plant to turn ocean water into drinking water
[It is easy to make a case that these creatures hate humans.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Julia Jacobo

  1. Naw, they don’t hate everybody, but they are sure criminally insane. They live in la-la land. Their vision of the world is an idyllic wilderness where is all the plants, animals, and a few humans live in peace and harmony. And we certainly do not need any carbon-based energy to produce anything. Even WA state is joining the heard and in the process of making carbon-based energy unaffordable thru state’s new cap-and-invest program. Vote with you feet and leave ASAP.

  2. I remember the real drought there in the 70’s. What’s going on today ain’t one.
    Newsome being for the project means he’s got some backdoor investment going. And the panel is holding out for bigger bribes.
    (Either that or their truly concerned about ocean levels falling.)
    The real crime is that the central valley of California is some of the most productive farmlands in the world. And we should have piped water from the Columbia, down the back side of the Cascadas to it years ago. Rice, corn, olives, nuts, and every vegetable in the world can be grown there. And still can be if we could get the communist monkey off California’s back.
    Drop this moronic, unproven idea of man-made climate change. And that CO2 is somehow bad for the atmosphere.
    So.Cal. has the votes, No.Cal. has most of the money. Water is what controls that money. And all this California mega-drought crap ain’t about nothing more.
    Money, Control, Power, use any two, to get the third.

  3. These fools think that a wet CA is the norm. According to the latest research, not hardly! They have been looking at old trees, among other tells, and determined that CA normally runs much drier, for long periods. They are expecting another ~500 year dry period to turn up anytime. Haven’t seen any recent counters to that finding from several years ago.
    The creation of Los Angeles, and the decision to divert water to that city from up north, is going to become a growing problem as things get drier. The bigger problem is that for CA to get drier means that there would have to be less water being dropped on the Sierras in the winter, and less water for the other Western states as a consequence, I think.

  4. Add in that they forced the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant to shut-down 2,200 megawatts of electricity generation, which could have been used to help power the de-sal plant. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people who keep voting these idiots into office.

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