Will those at the top be brought to justice?

FBI Deemed Trump–Russia Claims False in Less Than a Day, Agent Says

FBI agents tasked with analyzing claims about Donald Trump and Russia took less than a day to figure out that the data didn’t support the allegations, one of the agents testified in federal court on May 17.

Agent Scott Hellman was part of the team that examined white papers and data on thumb drives handed in 2016 to FBI lawyer James Baker by Michael Sussmann, an attorney who was representing the campaign of Hillary Clinton—Trump’s rival for the presidency.

On the first day of Sussmann’s trial for allegedly lying to the FBI when he said he wasn’t bringing the information on behalf of a client, Hellman told the court that he and another agent took less than a day to ascertain that the information didn’t support the allegations that Trump’s business and Russia’s Alfa Bank had a secret connection.

“I think the person who drafted [the main white paper] was suffering from a mental disability,” Hellman said.

So, they were nearly certain it was all a lie on day one. Yet the President of The United States and the entire country were subject to years of legal abuse and the almost certain change of an election result.

The criminals at the top of this should be fined into oblivion and spend the rest of their lives in prison.

I won’t be holding my breath.


4 thoughts on “Will those at the top be brought to justice?

  1. And Trump, in 4 years couldn’t get any of these agents in front of congress? We the people?
    Sessions nor Barr nor Trump’s defense team knew anything about them?
    Of all the backdoor dealings-criminal bullshit that goes on in Washington. Trump doing business with this sort all of his life.
    And then acts like a freshman megalomaniac? This crap don’t smell right.
    He didn’t get one thing done that wasn’t thrown out the window by the communists in the first 20 minutes after returning to power? (Considering they ever left.)
    He couldn’t even get the border wall built.
    Justice? First there has to be someone interested in having it. All we’ve seen and heard is lip service, smoke and mirrors. From the whole lot of them.
    Like God in Africa. Justice left this place a long time ago. And just like Africa, were about to find out what that means.

  2. No!

    Legal justice is always dispensed by those in power contrary to words written on paper. And extra-legal justice is too chaotic. The best we can hope for is abject failure of economic and social systems that might drive them out of power. Not too hot, not too cold, but just right. Odds are 1000 to 1 or worse.

    Then again, given the current economic data and today’s market next leg down we might just see near even odds due to the failure to recognize that for every unit of GDP there is a unit of fossil fuel.

    Will a ringside seat watching it all implode be justice?

  3. This needs to end now. If it doesn’t, it will end badly.
    The kind of ‘badly’ that features people being loaded onto cattle cars and shipped off for ‘re-education’ or some new term that shows our masters are displeased.

    The realist inside of me knows it’s already to late.

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