We live in interesting times

Enough Fraudulent Votes Identified to Change 2020 Election Outcome: Dinesh D’Souza

An analysis of cellphone records performed by an election intelligence group shows that thousands of fraudulent ballots were deposited in mail-in drop boxes during the 2020 election, an amount sufficient to change the outcome of the election, according to Dinesh D’Souza, director and writer of the documentary “2000 Mules.”

Will the fraudulent election be set aside? I think the odds are 1000:1 against that.

Will anyone of significance be prosecuted? I give it odds of 100:1 that they will not.

Will voter fraud rule the next election Federal election? I find it difficult to believe we should expect anything different next time.

We live in interesting times. Prepare appropriately.


12 thoughts on “We live in interesting times

    • HAHAHAHAHA! Your quoting Newsweek? You must live in a high-rise somewhere.
      What your suggesting is that lack of prosecution, is lack of evidence to prosecute.
      Or more to the point, lack of reporting, is evidence that something didn’t happen.
      And with the mountain of un-reported evidence of communism gone murderously gay in our society. We could not also conclude that said communists think that counting votes is much more important than voting? After all it was one of their founding member’s principal.
      I’m sure Bagdad Bob would be more than happy to tell you Saddam’s last election where he handedly won at 99% of the vote. Was the freest and fairest election, like ever.
      Here’s another commie principal from daddy Mao, useful idiots, get useful idiot rewards. It’s your family that gets the bill for the it.

  1. Biden got 81 million votes by hanging out in basement.
    11 million votes more popular than the most popularest president like-ever, Barrack Obama.
    Close down counting, run off conservative poll watchers in the middle of the night. Then start counting again.
    Cover windows with cardboard so no one outside can watch what your doing.
    Watching counts shift in the wee-hours when no one was counting.
    All that is not in question.
    Sorry, We don’t need Dinesh to tell the 100 million Trump voters the ELECTION WAS STOLEN.
    And anyone with half a shit for brains, not compromised by communist propaganda already knows that.
    We don’t need no stink’ing movie.
    As for me, I still think Trump was a commie plant. As he did shit to change anything of substance.
    P.S. Notice the only person missing from the capital is Obama? Everyone else from his admin. is there. The way everyone avoided Biden like he had crapped his diaper again when Obama did show up tells the whole story.
    The trouble with useful idiots is they always want to question what’s common knowledge.

  2. I think that the odds of the reversing election is far less than 1000 to 1. It is far more likely that we will self-destruct. In any case we will not be returning to anything normal. Hellhole comes to mind along with fleeting memories of how well off we were when Christianity and Western Civilization had control.

    And I don’t blame Trump except for being the wrong person for the task. He was up against almost all the levers of power including a woke federal bureaucracy, a woke military command structure, a woke tech bureaucracy (remember Google’s All Hands), a woke educational bureaucracy, and a woke press.

  3. There were so many anomalies, and so many different types of anomalies, in the 2001 election, that a rational mind is compelled to wake up and take notice. Or, to paraphrase MTHead’s eloquent summation, if I may, you would have to be Sgt Schultz, on steroids, this time with harmony in the feeling, in order to blindly accept that Braindead Basement Zhou, after the targeted stop and restart tabulation (most of which occurred behind closed doors and blocked windows in “dem-friendly” precincts) finally (surprise, surprisel) received more “votes” – by far – than anyone else in the history of American politics.


    I guess some people just don’t mind being played for the fool.

  4. Even if fraud could be conclusively, beyond any doubt, proven, I know of no Constitutional of lawful way to overturn the 2020 election.

    • In conceivable that the existing residents of the capital could be prosecuted and removed from office. That would be an “overturn” of the election in a manner of speaking.

    • Fraud voids all contracts. And laws. Only the one elected can be President. And there was only one other person on the ballot.
      It didn’t need to be wrote in the constitution.
      And as Joe said, Fraud gets prosecuted.

  5. So? Anyone with the IQ of a soap bubble who was paying attention KNOWS they stole the election. They really didn’t try to hide what they did. And all the “proof” in the world won’t change damn thing because A: There is NO method under law to undo what they did and rectify the situation and B: The criminal left OWNS the Just Us Department and EVERY a law enforcement agency that would be tasked with doing something about this crime PLUS about 90% of the Federal judges who would hear such a case if it ever got that far….as if. Not only did they steal the 2020 election and GET AWAY WITH IT they are going to DO IT AGAIN. This year and in 2024. TINVOWOOT.

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