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Any person who voluntarily goes near or touches a gun literally does not have a brain or soul and its completely okay to end such an individual cos they are already dead and exist in hell.

tommybigdick @tommybigdickpr1
Tweeted on February 24, 2022
[Via In Chains.

This is what they think of you. They want you dead.

Prepare appropriately.—Joe]


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  1. Sounds like he has serious self-control issues that he projects upon others, or else he’s a hard-core animist.

  2. Note It says “should be ended” not I will end you. Of were It so direct and honest I would have to ask, “As I have the firearm, how are you planning to end me? Cause that won’t end well for you.” But then cowardice is the only virtue of the left. They won’t ever be man enough to do their own evil.

  3. He will believe this with the fervor of someone woken at 3 am, until he is in fact woken at 3 am to confront an intruder of unknown intent and armaments.
    In Los Angeles, it was BAD to try to recall the Communist Attorney General, until the disorder brought by his anti-law policies began to appear in the wealthy parts of town that were not behind real gates (not like the one that couple in St. Louis were hiding behind.

  4. I believe you’re incorrect, Joe, in writing this is what they think of you. Such vitriol displays no use of thought of any sort. To the left, it’s just a flash reaction, an instinctive nuclear chain reaction of core hatred. Like giving Syrup of Ipecac to a poisoning victim – no thinking required: stimulus provided, poisoned bile comes out.

  5. HAHAHAHA! That’s funny. As Ritchie says, projecting much?
    Tommy’s showing us that even having two big heads doesn’t help the thought processes much.
    Good luck in life Tommy. And may reality never catch up to you.

    • Does Lindsey Graham have a randomizer for what things he says in public? Sometimes he makes statements evincing actual republican beliefs, but mostly, as you say, pure RINO. He’s not even consistently RINO enough to be referred to by the lying Leftist media scum as a “Maverick Republican, as they did with his mentor, Senator McCain.

  6. Among the very last words Jesus spoke to his apostles before his arrest: “[I]f you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.” Luke 22:36

    • You edited Jesus’ words. You ended it after,…“sell your cloak and buy one…” but that’s not the end of the statement. He goes on to say, “…for it is written, He shall be reckoned among the transgressors” (referring back to Old Testament prophesy about His arrival and His treatment).

      The apostles did in fact carry swords, but in the single reported instance of one of them using a sword, Jesus rebuked him. And therefore it’s not at all so cut and dried as we wish to think.

      We who carry weapons are indeed “reckoned among the transgressors”, as Christ was, and so in that regard it could perhaps be said that we are fulfilling prophecy, sort of. But when we consider what was done to Christ, even by his own people, the Jews, acting in concert with Rome, and what was done to His disciples afterwards, we find a completely different narrative from the one you’re insinuating here. The true Biblical narrative regarding salvation is not so easily accepted. “Pick up your cross and follow me” is very different from the prideful, boastful challenge; “Jesus told me to pack iron so I can fight you dirty bastards, so bring it on!”

      Christ also said, “My kingdom is not of this world” and that is where most purported Christians, and the Jews of modern, literal Israel too, go off the rails and lose the message. They’re looking for an Earthly victory, for their own vindication and exaltation, and an Earthly kingdom, much as the Pharisees of old imagined (wrongly) that their Messiah should be a military, political, spiritual leader who would rally the troops and throw off their Roman oppressors.

      When the world does recognize such a great leader, rallying the political, military, religious and economic systems of the world to bring “Unity” and “Peace” and “Safety”, it won’t be Christ’s kingdom that they’ve built. It will be that ancient power of pagan Rome reconstituting itself, and it will be the opposite of, the antithesis to, Christ’s kingdom. And the world is rushing to that state of affairs, hurriedly, as we speak. It’ll be the worst, most destructive system the world has ever seen, and our personal weapons will have been proved impotent against it, because we ourselves are part of that system and therefore don’t know about, nor understand, nor will we accept, its only one true alternative.

      • “The apostles did in fact carry swords, but in the single reported instance of one of them using a sword, Jesus rebuked him.”

        No, that is wrong. Jesus told Peter, “Suffer ye thus far.” This is not a rebuke, this is a command to hold and stand down. Christ knew what would have to happen–that he would have to go to the cross–and therefore, Peter needed to back off and let the soldiers take him.

      • To claim that we who are armed are the “transgressors” Jesus spoke of sure requires a very imaginative reading of the text. Consider Luke 22:38 in which the apostles say “behold, here are two swords” and He replied “it is enough”. So not only did He instruct them to be armed, but He then reviewed their weaponry and told them two swords is sufficient firepower.

      • After reading all four accounts of Jesus’s arrest. It was obvious that Jesus wanted his 11 disciples to be let go.
        And not be arrested.
        Thus, Peter being rebuked, and Jesus threat to all in ear-shot. Including the cops.
        “All who take the sword will perish by it.”
        But God put us here for a reason, even if his kingdom is not of this world.
        I for one believe God made all this just so we will learn to fight. We won’t be afraid to defend the blessings we’ve been given. Here in his boot camp. Or there in his kingdom.
        I bear arms against satan and all his lies, as well as his liars. That’s the attitude. The sword is the tool. I’ll use a rock if I have to.

  7. I did not “edit.. Jesus’ words” unless you consider any quote that does not include the entirety of the Bible “editing.”

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