Quote of the day—Liel Leibovitz

The turn is the moment when you kind of begin to understand, a little bit like that movie The Matrix, that everything you assumed was the very fabric of reality, it’s not just politics, it’s the entirety of existence, may be called into question.

Liel Leibovitz
January 11, 2022
Long-Time Democrat Liel Leibovitz Finds Himself ‘Politically Homeless’
[Observing the awakening is fascinating.

I suspect Leibovitz is not an outlier:

After winning more votes than any presidential candidate in American history, Biden is now – just 12 months later – one of the country’s most unpopular presidents.

For months, Biden’s approval ratings have languished in the mid to low 40s, with an average approval rating of 42%. ​​A Quinnipiac poll released last week found him at a dire 33%.

When cornered and faced with severe injury or death animals are extremely dangerous. The political left is currently in that situation.

Prepare appropriately.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Liel Leibovitz

  1. I went into his article with a biased mindset, expecting some mindless liberal blather, and was very pleasantly surprised. Seems like the kind of guy I’d like to sit and have a beer with. And as you note, I expect he’s not alone – he’s just willing to speak up.

    • Most people are hopelessly uninformed and unwilling to do anything outside of the heard.

      A great many change once they realize there is more than one heard to join. Shooting is one of the best ways to pull people away – it is a reason they hate it so much.

  2. One has to ask where he’s been the last 30 years? To not understand where communist policy was going to take the country?
    Not like it hasn’t been in the congressional record for 60 years.
    Or that Russia and China are resisting those same policies. That already brought their respective countries to the point of mass-murder and starvation.
    Wait till he finds out he’s not homeless. He’s actually part of the new domestic terror database. And not the good part.
    Welcome to the party Liel!

  3. The political left is indeed extremely dangerous. It has to be. That’s how we’re fooled into accepting the bait: the political right.
    “Oh, you don’t like this giant, festering turd? No problem; we have this other giant festering turd which we assure you is totally different, and fortunately for you, you have the right to choose which one you want!”

    I believe we’re all politically homeless whether or not we yet realize it. When we do finally realize it, we run away, so to speak. But it’s not that easy to get out of the Matrix! Every aspect of the simulation is designed to keep you in, and whether you comply or rebel is of no concern because either way you’re still part of the simulation. The system knows your mind, your heart, and all your desires and propensities. All the visible exits lead to some other version of the same system. The apostate churches for example will offer understanding, compassion, and wisdom, and are always there to scoop up and “help”runaways, and thus you’re retained in the system! There are many other examples— There are flavors and styles of Babylon to satisfy all tastes and preferences!

    But on the other hand, it is written;
    “My kingdom is not of this world.”

  4. It’s good to see an individual examine conditions and each the conclusion that what’s on offer not only isn’t reality, it’s not beneficial to his life so a change is warranted.

    If enough individuals follow that premise – and “enough” does not have to be a majority, just a large enough percentage to tip the scale – catastrophe may be avoided. Of such things are preference cascades made.

    I suspect, however, that a substantial number of leftist followers are so heavily invested in the unreality, for a variety of reasons, that not only is such a conversion impossible for them, it will be regarded as a threat not just to their beliefs but perceived as a threat to their very lives. And as conditions change, as they are right now in the initial stages of doing, the perception of exactly such a threat will increase.

    That can, and will, make those people very dangerous. As Joe suggests, prepare accordingly.

    • I agree with you for the most part – but I suspect that the pool of hard core leftists is much smaller than the media and strident “influencers” would have us believe.

      I know, live with, and work with any number of liberal/Democrats – and they are far from the foaming at the mouth leftist libtards we like to deride. Some of them suffer from TDS, but are rapidly making the connection between the Orange Man economy and the Senile Drooling Coot economy.

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