Just a cost of reaching utopia

This should be a clue:

US congresswoman carjacked at gunpoint in daylight

Philadelphia has seen a massive rise rise in car theft this year, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Police reported 225 carjackings in 2019, 409 in 2020 and 720 so far this year, according to CBS News.

The figures amount to an 80% increase in carjackings in 2021.

Gunpoint robberies are up 27% over 2020.

Philadelphia has also seen a record 544 homicides this year, up from 347 in all of 2019, according to the Wall Street Journal.

It is hard to believe this was unforeseen by anyone capable of rational thought. But, then, it could be this is the desired outcome. Criminals are the natural enemy of capitalists and hence allies of socialists. This might be considered part of the price paid to reach their socialist utopia.

I wish I had copied the entire text of the post when I first saw it. An earlier version mentioned she co-sponsored a bill to defund the police and redirect the funds to mental health problems.


4 thoughts on “Just a cost of reaching utopia

  1. Makes sense…Daniell Outlaw who was Portland police chief at the beginning of the down slide bailed and is now the Police commissioner in Philly. When are we going to quit being woke and promote real police officers with street experience instead of a minority woman, a politician with a badge?

    • I remember when I saw that, she couldn’t handle Portland and now she is running the PPD. RFLOL!

      IIRC, Even the Inquier questioned it.

      She is the definition of diversity promoting and failing upward.

      I will be very happy if the promote sombody from the city, with ties to the city instead of hiring the failures from other municipalities. Frank Rizzo must be spinning in his grave.

  2. Naaa. It was actually some Trump operatives just trying to make her look bad.
    We know how these J6’ers roll.

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