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David Hardy makes an observation on the Rittenhouse case that is in line with the suggestions that the prosecutor’s poor showing is intentional:

I’ve been practicing 46 years, and have never seen a case, civil or criminal, collapse like this. Any good attorney would have seen it coming, and dismissed or settled.

It will be interesting to see if we get something approximating an after action report from the DA’s office.


9 thoughts on “Interesting observation

  1. Some are speculating that a not guilty verdict for Rittenhouse will make it easier for the city/county to defend the civil suits brought against them.

  2. Over on Quora someone said that was why the Assistant DA had this case and not the District Attorney. The DA knew it was a turkey and wanted nothing to do with it.
    I refer to this as Political Theater.
    I’m waiting for the riots to begin once the verdict is in.
    I’m also curious how phrases. such as “White Hispanic”, used to describe George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case, haven’t appeared in order to induce people to believe that the two dead are not somehow black or other minority and deserving of a burnt offering of several civic centers.

  3. There was never a case. The DA filed charges two days after the shootings before a real investigation was done. After all this time, his case in the end was dependent on a video that the FBI gave to him in the middle of the trial.

    • Before ANY investigation was done. Two days after the incident is only one day after the real reporters (Journalists without the hubris) say everything reported is always wrong. One day only gives one time to spitball the charges and make sure the dates are correct and the names are spelled correctly.

  4. I suspect that the entire prosecution was a forced play designed to warn off any who might be tempted to resist the next democratic riot. The bodies in the street make it harder to recruit “demonstrators” for the next attack. Kenosha was “soft” Democrat until it swung for Trump. They were “traitors” who had to be punished lest that type of defection catch on elsewhere. Win, loose, or draw with Rittenhouse, they made it clear that the average percon can not survive the “process” with an intact life. Rittenhouse had outside support, legal and financial. “John Q. Public” will be going it alone. Even with clear “self defense”, you can not survive the legal assault by a hostile DA.

  5. The case is just the tool the statists are using. They know it’s not good law.
    The process is the punishment.
    If he’s acquitted, they burn the place down and harass him, and go after the jurors, to intimidate others to not do the same again (either shooting in self defense (the strong), or letting them walk as they rightly should (the jurors)). It’s about sending a message of intimidation and hopelessness.
    Law and order has nothing to do with it. quite the opposite.
    If it’s a directed verdict for innocent, they attack the legal system as corrupt and riot.
    If it’s a guilty verdict they celebrate and riot.
    If it’s a mistrial they riot and make shit up.
    It’s an excuse to go after good men, Christians, and anyone not on board with Antifa, BLM, and the rest of the satanists/marxists/idiots.

  6. The entire thing has been a mongolian cluster f**k from day one.
    When politics and agendas are in the driver seat logic and facts
    aren’t even a factor. The one thing the left can’t allow to happen
    is for Kyle Rittenhouse to be exonerated. Doing so would negate
    the nonstop diatribe that the “protesters” are peaceful and those
    opposing them are the violent ones.

    • Agreed Dan. That will certainly cower the cowardly. But what does it tell those that won’t kneel?
      All it tells me is that the commies are good at picking on kids. But all they truly are, are cowards before the truth. Coward cops. Coward prosecutors. And coward politicians.
      And they have made the system unworkable for honest humans. That fact can no longer be denied. So as Joe says, Act accordingly.
      I’ll take a fight against a cowards any day. As I’m certain Sun Tzu would find them the best enemy of all.

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