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  1. I guess some people just have intellects that only Nancy Pelosi could love?

  2. “Dudes who make ‘gun owner = small d!ck’ comments have an unhealthy obsession with other men’s penises. They are uncomfortable with and lack confidence in their own ‘endowment’ and so they displace their anxiety onto others. Facts.”

    There. Fixed that for you, “Dennis”.

    Yes, I’m making an assumption without direct evidence, but at least mine is based on actual science.

    As gets pointed out a lot here, we have facts, logic, reason, research, evidence, history, and judicial court — up to and including SCOTUS — decisions on our side. They have middle-school-level jokes derived from their psychological defects.

    • Don’t forget principles and morals. The American principles of liberty are in large part deriverd from, or in accordance with, the “perfect law of liberty” as described in the Bible, that being God’s law. You don’t want to mess with God’s law! And yet it happens– It is said of the Anti-Christ, “He shall seek to change times and laws.”

  3. The quote is of course a variation on the earlier practice of calling us “fags” or “queers” (though they’ve had to modify that to fit the agenda), as if our “manliness” or “machismo”, including the desire to have sex with every woman in sight, is always first and foremost in our decision-making processes, AND that our self image regarding that machismo is ultra fragile.

    I don’t have any empirical information regarding the number of men that would fall under that set of criteria, but my guess is that, if there are any, it is a very small number, and they are likely the same ones calling other men “fags” and “queers” or calling into question their sexual endowment.

    The last I can remember actually witnessing these sorts of insults being traded back and forth was in junior high school, or at the latest, high school, in the early to mid 1970s. By college, I don’t recall any of the men acting like that. By then, they (we) were often obsessed with sex, it’s true, but it wasn’t at quite such a childish level. I can only assume then, that these Markley’s Law candidate quotes are mostly from adolescent boys or very young men. The only other demographic I’ve heard them from, that I know from specific incidents, is professional actors, politicians and suchlike, who think of themselves as celebrities. In the latter case I’d say it probably comes from the relative sequestering of such people from the normal interactions and normal responsibilities of normal life, while concentrating more than average (even pathologically) on their public image, and so they never really mature. It reminds me of the 1990s TV personality, Katie Couric, who I’d long referred to as, “Her Lady of Perpetual Adolescence”, but the same applies to most of them.

  4. No one needs an AR-15. There are alternatives that are quite capable of doing the same job.

    No one needs most of the stuff they have, strictly speaking. But some of it is awfully nice to have, or fun to use, or looks great on the wall.

    So what? Here’s an idea for a rule: Every time someone tells me I don’t need something, how about I go out and buy two of that something.

    Great way to run out of money, or an incentive to get better friends.

    • Heck, Obama doing that is the reason the Boris household has… Ah, nevermind. But Obama was good at engendering that response in people.

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