Quote of the day—Tamara K. @TamSlick

Vaccines can’t melt steel beams… unless they’re weakened by 5G exposure!

Tamara K. @TamSlick
Tweeted on June 25, 2021
[I’m a little surprised that she didn’t manage to get in a reference to the grassy knoll. Certainly she has the talent to do so. But, perhaps that’s getting a little obscure for the youngsters out there.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tamara K. @TamSlick

  1. Look more closely. The comment you quoted is in quotes in her tweet. And the one just above it makes it pretty clear she agrees with you, and quoted (without source citation unfortunately) some other person’s nutso comment.

      • Ok, but the way you referenced her tweet made it appear that you quoted her words.

  2. Hmm. Sarcasm and mockery, high art forms though they may be, can reach such a level as to leave one unsure about the exact point being made. I suppose that asking for clarification would do little more than elicit further sarcasm, and so, anymore, I tend to walk away from such conversations.

    And so I don’t believe what I believe because it is popular, or because it’s the best, most tactically held position to pretend to have so as to avoid being mocked. What a cowardly form of life that is! Hopefully, NO ONE would believe what they believe, or pretend to believe what they pretend to believe, so as to avoid mockery or other social pressure, or to “fit in” with some group. But we DO KNOW FOR SURE that many people believe, or pretend to believe, things for precisely those reasons! That could reasonably well serve as the definition of the authoritarian system. So what is to be done about it? (And no, “Bwwah whaa hah hah!!” does not count as an answer.)

    I work customer service, mostly technical service, which consumes most of a typical work day, and so you might imagine the “opportunities” for sarcasm, mockery and other forms of one-upmanship that I simply and absolutely must avoid. There is a growing number of young adults who simply don’t have any idea of how to read or use a tape measure, for example, and people who try to put screws in upside down, and other issues that frequently come up which are equally bizarre to me, so there are daily “opportunities” (temptations). It took me some years to “get it”, to simply and directly correct people and solve their issues, leaving them with more insight and understanding than when they started, and then wish them well, but once I did I found things “strangely” start going really well.

    And you can have all the injections (government recommended or not) that you want, and I won’t hold it against you. I’ve had many vaccinations myself. I’m just not getting this one, and I expect the same respect for my decision that I give you for yours.

    And I’m not convinced that, technically speaking, 5G (or any of the other Gs) couldn’t melt steel, given enough power put into it. Some lower frequencies are very effective in induction furnaces, for example, but I know; that’s not the point.

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