Quote of the day–sacrebleu14 / SA Hinchcliffe @sacrebleu141

Cap Hill/Seattle voted for this.

Voted for the violence by supporting Durkin, Holmes, Ferguson, & Inslee

When the left votes in politicians who have not prosecuted violence for over 6 years, you want this.

sacrebleu14 / SA Hinchcliffe @sacrebleu141
Tweeted on May 1, 2021
[This is not news. This is yet another example demonstrating that violence is the language of the political left.—Joe]


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  1. Likewise I see that Twitter and Facebook continue to ban Trump in the name of anti-violence. The left’s propaganda machine of down is up, stealing is OK if you need it, debauchery is good, white is evil, America is evil, … is working overtime while.reserving a place in hell for all apostates such as Trump and conservatives in general.

  2. Remember, Mao said it:

    …political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. Our principle is that the Party commands the gun, and the gun must never be allowed to command the Party….

    The left’s use of violence is simply their understanding of (to mix quotes) Washington’s ‘government….is force’ and Webster’s ‘they mean to govern’.

    This – partially – explains their propensity for violence and their continuous calls for ‘gun control’.

  3. Valid point. It’s the criminal class taking over our government and culture. We let it happen however, and so, in the same, or a very similar, sense “we wanted it” too.

    The “Supreme Law of the Land” is on our side, and totally against the left, yet we refuse to apply it effectively. Instead, as in a bad case of battered woman syndrome, we continually put our faith in Republicans, whose defining characteristic is compromise (compromise of our fundamental principles). And compromise is the mechanism by which ALL of this rot has been spreading for over 100 years. The name for the above-described process is “Progressivism”.

    And so, because the Republicans are the ones doing the compromising of our founding principles, they are the true Progressives. QED The left is simply the enemy, and so Republicans’ job, their very purpose in Earth, is to compromise with the enemy.

    Thus, in fact, since we are the ones who know better, and have the law on our side and yet do nothing to stop it, much less get rid of it, then we are the ones responsible for this generations-long and on-going failure.

    For who would you blame for an elementary school getting totally out of control, and the students lording over the teachers and administrators? Would you blame the kids or the adults?

    And in the above scenario, would you continue to support those teachers and administrators who allowed the problem to sprout, take hold and fester, as they blamed the kids the whole time, or would it be more correct and effective for you to get rid of them as soon as possible, and to make SURE that not a single person of their mindset ever enters that school again?


    Right, and so let’s STOP being sucked into the false dialectic of right verses left. No no no; it is the fundamental American principles of liberty verses the enemy.

    There is not a Republican alive who would ever accept an America as defined in her founding documents. Nor do I believe that an America as defined in her founding documents was ever the intent of the founders. Chew on THAT for a few decades and then get back to me.

    But I figure that we are at least 60 years too late (and probably even 160 years too late). For example, the case could well be made that if Woodrow Wilson, with his mindset of an ancient Roman emperor-god, could indeed win in a fair election, then America was truly GONE by 1912. And if Wilson “won” in a fraudlent election, and we did nothing to correct the fraud, then again; our fault. Now we’re just experiencing the various stages of the deadly poison’s symptoms.

    • Nor do I believe that an America as defined in her founding documents was ever the intent of the founders.
      I need to reread “The Radicalism of the American Revolution, by Gordon S. Woods, because he makes a similar argument in his book, saying that the Founders were surprised by the development of liberty as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution became the law of the land.

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