Quote of the day—George Strong

America is a great playpen of civilization filled with toddler adults who have never experience the violent brutality of life outside the safe confines of our political borders.

So any display of reality confuses them the same way a toddler is confused as to why we can’t help the poor homeless meth addict.

George Strong
April 25, 2021
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5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—George Strong

  1. While that seems to be true today, it is only a recent change in attitude due to Wokism. That statement is not the essence of the America I grew up in. And people did not need to experience the violent brutality of life to know about it – it’s called education.

    It was not so many years ago that government help of any kind, including SS, was unacceptable to many. If you committed crimes it was your fault. If you were killed while committing crimes it was your fault. Even lending, called usury, was considered unacceptable – neither a lender or borrower be. And working for someone was looked down on as a hired hand. The ideal was to be honest and independent.

    In that world we did not even need to lock the doors or have alarm systems because it was not needed. And just in case there was a loaded gun – seldom used except for hunting – should a four legged or two legged varmint come our way.

  2. The quote comes from a somewhat jaded point of view, and “paints with a broad brush” of course, but it’s probably accurate enough.

    Interestingly, it echoes the sentiments of many communists (papists, Jesuits, secular Marxists and fascists [but I repeat myself]), who see America as a fat land of pampered and sequestered folk living an unusually easy life and not caring about the rest of the world. Those communists wish for Americans to be kicked in their fat bottoms, and deprived, as an eye opener. That is the sentiment behind the “sustainability” and “scarcity” movements, and the “climate change” movement, all of which are generations old.

    And they will get their way, though it won’t do any of them any good whatsoever to see a once relatively noble people brought down to their knees. They (the naysayer and the haters) will go down right along with Western Civ., and the whole world will be worse off for it.

    What both sides must never forget is that America, as founded, with her principles intact, and strengthened and built upon, is the solution, not the problem. But too many see it as the problem, and so she is falling.

    It’s much like the story of Cain and Able. Cain hated Able for the simple and singular reason that Able was the more righteous of the two, and Cain couldn’t stand it, and so “his countenance fell”, and he murdered him. Be careful that you don’t fall into the sort of contempt that Cain had for the more successful, and thus end up hating success itself. Look rather to the causes and sources of the success, and seek to emulate them. The only alternative is mass failure.

    But don’t make the mistake of believing, as the fascist media want you to, that the youth today have forgotten all about the original principles. Many of them are better Americans than you might imagine, and they see the shenanigans (the coordinated efforts to bring down Western Judaeo-Christian Civ.) for what they are in fact.

  3. True. But it ignores the fact that we got where we are by being the baddest on the block. You think the Mexican cartels are mean? Watch a pissed off, hungry American. Northmen have been terrorizing the world for thousands of years. Muslims still whine about the crusades. We just haven’t gotten pissed yet, again. But it’s coming.
    All that Karen/meth-head crap will go right out the window when the money quits working. Or just having Kamala cut off our meat market.(talk about starting CW2).
    Go look at the county map for the last presidential election. This communist crap is very limited. It’s just loud. And will be right up till it get punched in the face.
    Coming soon to a city near you!
    Americans are the most frightening people on earth.

    • Yep. Real smart move, there. Making lots of people hungry and pissed off is…not very smart, historically speaking. The shitshow really hasn’t gotten started yet, but a major course correction (which I don’t see happening right now) will be needed to head it off. I really don’t want to be there when it happens.

  4. What’s that about hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men and weak men create hard times…..

    A HELLUVA a lot of people these days have NO IDEA how nasty life can
    actually be. That willful ignorance inevitably leads to the collapse of the
    ivory towers they grew up and exist in. And when the faux world that is
    the only thing these people knew collapses then reality is going to bitch
    slap them into next week….or next year…..if they survive at all.

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