Quote of the day—Rob Skjonsberg

Liberals being offended, by pretty much everything these days, is predictable.

Rob Skjonsberg
Chief of Staff to South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds.
March 25, 2021
Rounds’ response to Biden’s proposed assault weapon ban gets national attention
[It’s interesting how people buy into this “offended” crap.

At work they are going through all software and documentation to remove references to “White Lists” and “Black Lists”. And the code revision control systems are going to have references to “master” branch changed to “main” branch. I’m glad my boss didn’t ask me to do it and instead asked the intern.

A week or two ago I had a more or less mandatory meeting, involving some large number of people, to go over the changes and why they were important. I politely listened and didn’t say anything.

What really struck me* was they said when they finish with this effort they won’t be done. They will just be getting started. The next item on the agenda will be to remove “grandfathered” from, well, everything I guess. Apparently that is offensive ageism or something. They reported after that they will be hunting for reasons to be offended on behalf of the LGBTQ community.

If the USSR and other communist examples are any clue the purity tests will only level out when the death and Gulag incarceration rates get to the point where society is collapsing.

I need to retreat to an underground bunker (I wish!) in Idaho before I get caught and found guilty of wrong think.—Joe]

* Another thing I found very telling was the presentation was of marginal “quality”. The slides had typos and grammar errors. The presentation itself was substandard too. There were lots of hesitation and restarts in the speech patterns. I kept wondering if the person couldn’t do a real job so they were given this task.


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  1. Well at least for the time being GitHub still is using ‘master’ for the main branch, but I suspect not for long. And given the hidden relationships that exist in millions of repros including development environments and associated scripts I would expect if ‘master’ were changed a lot of things would break, But then that’s just more work for the idiots as real productivity is 86’d.

    I’m really glad that I am retired.

      • Well, we at least now know the end game and can start to see how organizations and civilizations collapse. I can hardly wait for the 10T infrastructure boondoggle.

        I wonder if we’ll beat the time it took the USSR to collapse.

        • I’m pretty sure were far more freedom oriented and capable people than Czarist/communist Russia ever was.
          American Communism won’t last long. In fact it seems the main push is to just replace us as the main player on the world stage. An keep us off through internal strife.
          I mean how long could anyone put up with Kamala Harris telling them how to live?
          If one doesn’t shoot one’s self, your bound to go after someone else.

        • The collapse of the U.S. will have taken more than a hundred years longer than the collapse of Russia.

  2. Might I suggest the real problem is the profit motive? One gets what one pays for. They want gun control because there’s a payday in it somewhere, somehow?
    A power rush, or an actual check from Soro/China cabal? Think BLM/Antifa work for free? Some might. Not the top people.
    Who told your boss he HAD to pay someone to police all offensive words? And WHY would you pay someone to do it?
    God made stupid painful for a reason. And America is about to get added to a long list of examples.
    I would prefer Idaho over Washington when it is. No matter the living conditions.

    • As to who, I suspect it is the HR department since they are the ones driving diversity and policy. And it hits too close to home since my sister is a local HR director of a major public company making such decisions with zero background in tech.

      • And no one in management tells HR. Sorry, we don’t have the budget for such nonsense?
        And your not going to be on next years budget if you keep pushing.

        • And who exactly will do that in this age when BLM and DIVERSITY are beyond reproach and CANNOT be criticized? To do so means that you will be CANCELED if you are an official in a ‘public’ company. Keep in mind that HR is a key part of the management.

          This is how we have lost the culture war and now our civilization. We have little to no legal protection against being CANCELED in an age where everyone is dependent upon living in a networked environment. And should you be CANCELED, there is no calvary that will come to your rescue. Instead, you will be abandon by your friends, relatives, and network without recourse or due process of any kind.

          We may yet find a solution, just as our ancestors have often done, but it will have to be one that is legal, beyond reproach, conceived, and implemented in plain sight because privacy no longer exists. Or we need to think outside of the box we find ourselves in. Even so, it needs to be done in plain sight because privacy no longer exists.

          • Ya. Lucky for me I grew up and lived in a meritocracy, in the trades that wouldn’t truck a waste of time/money like that.
            I watched hungry people get fired for not having the right hammer for the job.
            Try telling that foreman to change his vocabulary. You would get a swift lesson in free speech.
            To me there is not much to be done. Except get out of the way if you can.

    • “Might I suggest the real problem is the profit motive? One gets what one pays for. They want gun control because there’s a payday in it somewhere, somehow?”

      Profit? Actually, that isn’t material anymore. Not for those in the bigger companies, at least. You are overlooking what is driving them. This “woke” idiocy is a BELIEF SYSTEM. In other words, a RELIGION. Priorities are not the same when logic and real world practicalities are not of primary consideration. You don’t have to agree with Lyle’s view of what is going on (he is correct), to understand the situation. We are hard-wired for a belief system. (I suspect we are able to hold more than one, but I haven’t seen any studies on this. The researchers were not happy with their first conclusion.)

      Start seeing the Left as a religion, and you will understand them better, and this may bring clarity to your dealing with them. The secondary fact you should bring away from this discovery is that you can’t expect to save them from themselves. It is very rare for people to discard or change their religion. So rare, that it is usually noteworthy when it occurs. So, stop lamenting how stupid the other side is. From our various sides it appears to be dumb, but from their view, provided from their religion, it isn’t. You must understand the enemy, to be successful.

      • “Woke” is a generalization of “Warmism” which I identified as a religion (cult) years ago. Both have all the attributes: fervent belief without concern for facts, prophets, high priests, an Inquisition, an Index Librum Prohibitorum, and so on.

      • Will,
        Someone will always be making a profit. Ask Soro. Exactly what form that takes is not always measured in money.
        And their acts on the lower end are that of a cult, yes. But I’m not lamenting how ignorant their actions are. (I would never want a smart enemy.)
        I was pointing at a line of attack.
        One of my most precious memories was telling a safety engineer, no. His look was priceless.
        You have to!!!! He protested.
        No, I don’t.
        I’m going to tell the super.!
        Good, then you won’t be wasting anymore of my time.
        I’ll get you fired!
        OK, Then you and the super. can build this 125 million dollar crusher with a hand full of laborers? Go ahead, I can’t use a good laugh. I’ll have another job before lunch. Were done here.
        Pissed him off so bad he went to the Superintendent and made a fool of himself. I got asked by the super to please play better with others.
        The guy wouldn’t even come around me anymore.
        For the safety bitch, power was his profit. He got robbed.
        I fully understand computers are a whole new world I know little of. Or the Cult—ture, of that world.
        But human nature hasn’t changed a wit in it’s entire history.
        It’s time we start using it back.

  3. Maybe I’m offended by people who run around reading prejudice into places where clearly no such thing was intended.

    Maybe I’m even more offended when the above results in a great deal of useless busywork for everyone.

    Where do I go to register an official complaint?

    • You’re a racist. Complete your diversity training, admit your privilege, and learn and chant the inclusive slogans and you can keep your job until we start the layoff purge.

      • You’re not a mind reader. I’m not doing it. I might sue for wrongful dismissal.

        And no this would not be the first time I’ve been deemed insubordinate.

        • The gold standard of insubordination is to get your boss fired. Kinda stressful though.

          • I have a feeling there might be a story behind this one.

            I’ve never had a boss I’ve hated that much. I generally only ever take issue with what upper management does.

      • Is it “Diversity” if it’s like a bag of M&M’s? The rainbow of colors and same pernicious thought in each one?
        General George Patton supposedly said once, that “if everyone is thinking the same, no one is thinking.” That describes the Left’s fevered dream of “diversity” perfectly.

  4. At that instant in time when one changes his already proper speech to suit a dishonest or crazy person, he has kicked the proverbial snowball of civilizational collapse down the hill. The instant you include the delusional in your planning sessions you have lost everything. The criminals will eventually be running your prisons and indeed your entire legal system, the inmates will be running the asylums, and your enemies will put the most ignorant in charge of your schools. Not overnight, of course, but you’ve committed to that end by that first act of compromise.

    You’ve taken the easy way out, compromising at a time when standing firm on principle would have been easiest and most effective. Now your heirs will have a much, MUCH harder time getting back to basic principles. You’ve set the precedent of compromise, which your enemies will now expect and claim as a right, and you’ve set the principles off to the side in favor of pleasing others. Eventually, having for generations upheld compromise above principles, you’ll view those saving principles themselves, and the people who espouse them, as your enemy.

    Our undoing lies in that spirit of compromise, and in that notion of inclusiveness, and now we know of no other way. We haven’t the required grasp of the fundamental principles of liberty anymore, partly because they’re Biblical in origin, and similar to the pope we consider ourselves above the Bible. Such is the depth of our collapse that often we’ll reject our own foundational principles when they’re proposed.

    None of us wants to be accused of being a fundamentalist.

    And so it is a done deal. As a nation we no longer have even the possibility of turning this around. We don’t have, and indeed we reject, the “tools” required to fix things. Even when we fight, we fight under the wrong pretenses using the wrong tools, for the wrong reasons, and thus we favor the enemy.

    Some will, having realized the errors in their ways, seek God as the answer, but in their compromised state they’ll follow after the counterfeits, liars, hucksters and impostors. Those seeking repentance will continue doing what they’d been doing all along; doing and following what makes them feel good. Such will be, and now is, a worldwide movement. That will be the final nail in the coffin of Western, Judaeo/Christian (i.e. Protestant) Civilization.

    As of this writing, your post is rife with typos and grammar errors too.

  5. Not that it means anything 150 years of linguistic evolution later but the original grandfather clause was one of the main pillars of Jim Crow. Essentially anyone who was registered to vote before 1867 and their descendants were exempted from property, tax and literacy qualification for voting.

    • Interesting. I had no idea.

      I still claim it’s a stupid waste of time to remove it from our vocabulary.

  6. As a grandfather, I’m offended by the proposed banishment of “grandfathered”.

    Also, I’ve found lately that the words “F*** you” have been becoming much more prominent in my speak-before-you-think-twice moments. Sigh.

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