3 thoughts on “Update to Boots on the Ground

  1. To bad the commie’s can’t see it. It would save us all a lot of trouble.

  2. Nice article. It amounts to a non-fiction treatment of the scenario treated in novel form in Enemies Foreign and Domestic (and somewhat related to Bracken’s essay “When the music stops: How America’s cities may explode in violence” (in “The Bracken Anthology”).

    I wonder, though, why revolvers are listed under “manual repeaters”. That’s correct for single action revolvers. But semi-auto means “to fire another shot, all you have to do is pull the trigger again”. That definition clearly applies to DA revolvers. (What fraction of revolvers is DA? I’d get most of them but I don’t actually know.)

  3. I don’t believe there will be raids, other than on outspoken advocates. A few examples will be made, perhaps they can bring that fuck Horiuchi out of retirement to shoot a few more unarmed women in the head. The rest get a letter to surrender all weapons. Any non-compliance results in frozen bank accounts, power and water turned off, revocation of drivers license, etc. That will take a great many players off the board. Bans on public carry and use of firearms will follow in the name of “public Safety”. Owning guns is pretty useless proposition if you can’t use them. Removing the free exercise of your rights is just as effective as banning them. See the current efforts against your right to speak freely for a taste of their endgame.

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