Orofino Idaho is 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

Via Facebook on March 25, 2021:

Orofino is Idaho’s latest 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City, the City Council voted unanimously Tuesday evening in favor of Resolution no. 21-500 declaring it.


This is the closest city to Boomershoot (if you want to call a place with only about 3,100 people a city). This is also where I went to high school.


9 thoughts on “Orofino Idaho is 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

  1. It’s also where my wife and I plan to move, and hopefully open a Thai Restaurant. 🙂

  2. “No, no, NO! Leftists are the only ones who can create Sanctuary Cities!!! Ask our Judges!!!”

  3. Way to go Orofino! Joe, You should ask Nightforce Optics to chip in a door prize?

  4. Unless the city of Orofino instructs it’s LEO to arrest and charge ANYONE at either state OR federal level caught attempting to enforce laws that violate the Second Amendment this is nothing but touch feely bullshit. Laws without teeth and politicians without balls are POINTLESS. And the politicians on OUR side of
    the spectrum are eunuchs.

    • In this day and age. That part of Idaho is not where federallies are going to be enforcing gun control. It was already what one would term as non-permissive.
      A Waco or a Ruby Ridge II would end in badly for them up there.

      • One would have thought that to be the case in Waco TX of the 90’s. Not so. The Feds BROUGHT IN TANKS at Waco.
        They would happily do the same in Idaho or ANY OTHER PLACE. Unless a PROPERLY armed, trained and capable force is constituted to STOP the Feds from enforcing ANY LAW ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME that is EXACTLY what they CAN AND WILL do.

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