Only the truth needs to be suppressed

I find this very telling about the character and intentions of “House Democrats”.

House Democrats’ Attempt to Pressure TV Carriers Could Trigger Lawsuit: Dershowitz

Reps. Jerry McNerney (D-Calif.) and Anna G. Eshoo (D-Calif.) sent a dozen letters to 12 different carriers this week urging them to deplatform or otherwise take action against Fox News, Newsmax, and One America News for allegedly spreading misleading information about the Jan. 6 Capitol breach and the COVID-19 pandemic.

They pointedly asked the carriers if they were planning on carrying the networks “both now and beyond any contract renewal date.”

The open debate of ideas tends toward the truth.

Stated little more strongly, falsehoods fail on their own. Only the truth needs to be suppressed.


2 thoughts on “Only the truth needs to be suppressed

  1. Why wouldn’t the commies in power seek to shut down anyone and everyone that has anything to say they don’t like. It’s not as if there are ANY consequences for them for violating our rights or for any of the countless other crimes and abuses they have been and are continuing to commit. The past few decades….especially since the Clinton Crime Cabal infested the White House….has demonstrated that there is NOBODY willing to step up and hold them accountable. And when evil people are never held accountable they ALWAYS increase the level and pervasiveness of their evil. Till we start hanging these bastards they are going to continue their criminal ways and normal citizens are going to continue to suffer.

  2. Conspiracy to deprive citizens of their rights under color of law. This is a felony. And it should be grounds for removal from Congress.

    But we all know that the laws don’t apply to Democrats and other communists. (The only law that applies to them is F=MA.)

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