They aren’t stupid

From here via email from Paul K:

Q: Why would liberals be upset about me having an AR-15?
A: They assume you would use it on them.
Q: But why do they assume that? I would only use it in self-defense.
A: Yes.
Q: But … Oh.
A: Yes.

They aren’t all stupid all the time.

As I have said before:

One might even be able to make the case that the Second Amendment isn’t only not about hunting–it’s about protecting us from liberals.


6 thoughts on “They aren’t stupid

  1. From time to time someone anti-gun (like Allison Airies who you’ve pinned up top) will get caught expressing or acting out violent desires and leave many wondering why an anti-gun person would be so violent.
    I’m not the first to note that such a question is backwards. Asking, “Why would a violent person be so anti-gun?” leads to the obvious answer.

    This is a big part of why the Rittenhouse charges are being pursued so vigorously. The headline “All American teen uses AR-15 to defend against three known criminals who were rioting” make the usefulness of ARs and weapons in general obvious while also highlighting the violent people who are pretending to be mere liberals.

  2. Good Q&A. But we are compelled to remember they are calling themselves progressives. All the while forcing a 150 year old doctrine upon us. One which has failed every time it’s been tried. At a cost of 100’s of millions of lives.
    Including being the first governmental system used by the pilgrims in this very country.
    I would gladly use another word to describe that level of debasement, but alas, even language has it’s limits.
    After all, Their theology has all the intellectual underpinnings of a nasal bot fly. And upon it’s observation one can only utter single word descriptions in amazement. Stupid, I feel, being the kindest of them.

    • When they say “liberal”, they mean ‘progressive’.

      When they say “democracy”, they mean ‘progressive’.

      When they say “racist”, “misogynist”, “transphobe”, and every other contemptuous word based in an identity they probably invented and imposed on people… they mean ‘not progressive’ and they aren’t capable of making a better argument.

      When they say “truth”, they mean ‘progressive’.

      When they say “hate”, they mean ‘not falling in line with progressive themes of the moment’.

      And when they mean ‘progressive’, the missing second word is ‘socialist’. The path of progressive socialism is the alternative to revolutionary socialism as a way to get to the goal of big-C Communism.

      All those words have independent agreed-upon meaning, and there might be something of value to discuss, but you can’t have a discussion with someone that isn’t working from the same dictionary as you.

        • A “thumbs up” or “Like” button? Me, too. What Tirno said here is precisely on point, relevant and well said.

          And Caveman that I am, I am eagerly awaiting the next volume of “The Stars Came Back” to be published in paper. There’s something about actually reading a book and physically turning the pages yourself that enhances the reading experience. Of course, I’ve been doing this myself since about 1960. 🙂

  3. The stupid gun grabbers want to ban guns because they know deep down inside
    that if THEY had a gun they couldn’t control themselves and would use it to harm someone…..and they assume EVERYONE possesses that mental shortcoming so thus EVERYONE needs to be disarmed.

    The SMART gun grabbers know that guns exist so that we can KILL THEM if it
    becomes necessary. Thus they seek to disarm us so they can do to us without fear of being harmed in the process.

    BOTH groups are fundamentally opposed to freedom. And BOTH groups will have to be eliminated if freedom is to exist. The left is INCAPABLE of coexisting with ANY other group. They MUST be in total control of everyone and everything. To them no other state of affairs can be acceptable. They, like
    islam, are incompatible with any other group or form of society.

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