This is what they think of you

Via Hank Archer and Matthew Bracken @Matt_Bracken.

From the Washington Post:


Toastrider comments:

Once again, WaPo dives in where even Occasional Cortex fears to tread.

Not the sharpest tools in the toolbox, are they?

Bracken comments:

So now the Washington Amazon Bezos Post is printing propaganda cartoons comparing Republicans to Rats.

Anybody remember what followed this kind of propaganda in Germany in the 1930s?

If you don’t remember here are some clues:


“udryd den” is Danish for “eradicate it”.


“deutschland den deutschen” is German for “Germany for the Germans”.

“demokratische lander” is German for “democratic countries”. I’m not sure about the rest of the text. But you should be able to get the idea.

One has to wonder if the Washington Post cartoonist has a final solution to the problem of the Republicans.


7 thoughts on “This is what they think of you

  1. It’s as if these people haven’t even heard of the history of the 20th century…

    • It’s obvious, that they simply don’t care.

      Hold on to your …, the next four years are likely to be more than rough. And we, in general, need not apply even if there is no laws against doing so. We’ll still be rejected.

      Perhaps we should show them what rats can really do?

    • We must remember. Even if the author knows it’s history. Which he most certainly does.
      Most of his readers don’t. He’s playing them, and us. It’s a worn out playbook. But it works for the simple minded.
      AOC and half of congress are laughing their ass off.

  2. “One has to wonder if the Washington Post cartoonist has a final solution to the problem of the Republicans.”

    I used to work there in DC. I don’t wonder at all. To them, We the People are a problem to be dealt with.

  3. The text underneath:
    “Wie mußte man uns dankbar sein, daß wie diese herrlichen Kulturträger freigeben und der anderen Welt zu Verfügung stellen”, which means “they should be grateful to us that we set these marvelous carriers of culture free and made them available to the rest of the world”.
    The sign on the door says “geschlossen” (“closed”); I can’t decipher the script on the left.

  4. It’s my opinion that these fools have not a clue what they are eventually going to unleash. The US created 14m combat veterans since 2001 and the majority of them are liberty minded.

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